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Notre Dame welcomes retirees back to the classroom

The Observer

Management professor Chris Stevens' work as co-founder of Notre Dame's new Inspired Leadership Initiative was featured in The Observer.

“For people who have had an accomplished life — maybe a career in business, or law, or medicine, or non-profit — and they’ve done it for 30 years or so and they want to pivot and do something different, there [was] no place for them to go until Harvard started [its] program about 10 years ago and then Stanford started their version of the program about five years ago,” Stevens said. “We feel like we can do it here at Notre Dame. It really is filling an unmet need. The retirement model is totally outdated. People who are 55 to 60 have maybe another 20, 25 years of life left to them.”

How closures of local newspapers increase local government borrowing costs

Brookings Institution

Notre Dame finance professor Paul Gao and two colleagues from the University of Illinois at Chicago are presenting their research on the impact of newspaper closures on government costs at the Brookings Institution's 2018 Municipal Finance Conference this week. He and colleagues Chang Lee and Dermot Murphy of the University of Illinois at Chicago co-wrote "Financing Dies in Darkness? The Impact of Newspaper Closures on Public Finance." Read the blog post Brookings published on their research

I’m a Biblical scholar. It’s clear that Jeff Sessions needs a Bible lesson

Joseph Holt

Business ethics professor Joseph Holt, a former Jesuit priest, wrote a commentary piece for Fortune on Attorney General Jeff Sessions' use of scripture to defend the Trump administration's immigration policies. 

Joseph Holt

In the ancient command, “Justice, justice shall you pursue” (Deuteronomy 16:20), the Hebrew word that is translated as “justice” is tzedek. I found when studying biblical languages that most of the time the English translation of the underlying Hebrew or Greek words accurately conveys the meaning of the original text. But there is no word in English that captures the rich and full meaning of tzedek.

Generic drugs are competing against one another to get cheaper — but it’s having an unintended consequence on the health of Americans

Generic drugs are competing against one another to get cheaper — but it’s having an unintended consequence on the health of Americans

Business Insider

Kaitlin Wowak's research on the competition to produce cheaper generic drugs was featured in a Business Insider article.  Wowak, an assistant professor in the Department of Information, Analytics, & Operations, coauthored the paper “Product competition, managerial discretion and manufacturing recalls in the U.S. pharmaceutical industry

Big oil to meet with Vatican officials, Pope Francis

An energy forum, co-hosted by the University of Notre Dame, will bring together investors, oil executives and Church officials June 8-9 at the Vatican. Read more here.

While most details about the encounter are being kept secret in hopes of facilitating frank dialogue among the participants, a weekly Vatican media planning calendar indicates the discussion will likely center on the need to transition the global energy market away from dependence on fossil fuels.