Admissions Q&A: Notre Dame

Author: Victoria Taylor

Brian Lohr, director of MBA admissions at Notre Dame's Mendoza College of Business, says Mendoza students are part of their own little grass roots movement.

Lohr, who has been on the Notre Dame admissions staff for nearly 14 years, gives the example of a recent community service trip to a home for adults with special needs. The one-year MBAs shared ice cream with the residents, then washed the vans used to help residents get around. They also agreed to help the organization develop a business plan to obtain greater funding, which they'll start working on in late summer or early fall. "It goes beyond cleaning some vans," Lohr says.

Mendoza alumni also seem to know a thing or two about giving back. Although the percentage of the class of 2011 that was offered jobs has not been finalized, Lohr says it is higher than in the preceding two years. Many of the graduates, Lohr says, took advantage of Mendoza's 274 alumni clubs, located in 42 countries.

What does it take to be accepted into Notre Dame's MBA program? reporter Victoria Taylor talked with Lohr about the Irish, ethics, and application essays to get a better picture of Mendoza and what it takes to be a Domer. What follows are edited excerpts of their conversation.

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