Holding multiple jobs means a balancing act

Author: Chip Cutter

Victoria Rimasse used to be a full-time marketing director at a New York accounting firm.

Now, after being laid off a year ago, she's working as a freelance writer, copy editor, dog walker, house sitter and personal shopper. She even retiled part of a kitchen to make some extra cash. A growing number of Americans like Rimasse are taking on multiple part-time jobs. Many can't find full-time work. Others want greater flexibility after losing a job. The ranks of part-time workers jumped by 475,000 last month, to 8.7 million, said the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Career consultants say it can be difficult for people to juggle a variety of gigs, especially if they're used to full-time work.

Associate Professor James Davis, Department of Management, was referred to in this article as saying one of his friends now works three part-time jobs and loves the feeling of being an entrepreneur after having worked full-time at a company.

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