Announcing the focus of The Ask More Ideas Challenge

Tim Ponisciak


Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business constantly challenges its students to “Ask More of Business, Ask More of Yourself.” Once our students become alumni, the Office of Graduate Alumni Relations believes in continuing to provide opportunities for alumni to be a force for good, through their relationship with their alma mater. In 2014, Mendoza launched ND Impact Partners as a way for alumni in selected cities to partner with local nonprofits and help them tackle a strategic challenge. In 2017, Graduate Alumni Relations is launching its first Mendoza - Ask More Ideas Challenge, to provide opportunities for our alumni and friends of the College, regardless of where they live, to serve their communities and to serve a nonprofit by submitting their own ideas related to an impact initiative that affects society.…

Top Army HR Officer to talk at Notre Dame

Carol Elliott

U.S. Army Major General Seamands will present a talk on “Leadership Principles: How to be Successful Every Day” at the University of Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business 6:15-7:30 p.m., April 19, in Mendoza’s Jordan Auditorium.

Tom Seamands Lo Res Cropped

The event is free and open to the public.

2017 Tax Burden by State

2017 Tax Burden by State


Accountancy teaching professor James O'Brien (ACCT '88) discusses most fair and least fair tax instruments with WalletHub.

Virginia's journey in the One-Year MBA

Virginia's journey in the One-Year MBA

Mendoza College

MBA student Virginia Shields talks about her experience in the One-Year MBA program at the University of Notre Dame. With an MBA, Virginia was able to make the transition from Navy engineering to an "engineering translator" with the nation's largest wireless infrastructure provider.