MBA 2016 Graduates Recognized for Case Writing

Author: Mendoza College

Ashley Chase

Meredith Alexander

Kelly Chase

The Mendoza College of Business is pleased to announce the good news that three Master of Business Administration alumni of the Class of 2016 have been chosen for recognition for excellence in two different case competitions.

Meredith  Alexander, Ashley Chase, and Kelly Chase, all members of the MBA Class of 2016, have won the prestigious COMM PRIX for Excellence in Academic Case Writing. A dinner crowd of more than 500 stood to applaud at the Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management gala as Ashley Chase accepted the award on behalf of the University and her classmates.

Meredith, Ashley and Kelly also received the Second Place Award in the Business Schools Category of the 15th Annual Arthur W. Page Society Case Writing Competition in Corporate Communication. Meredith, Ashley and Kelly will share a $1,500 cash award from the Society, along with permanent recognition in the Page Society's archives.

Their case study, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Inc.: A Cybersecurity Attack from North Korea (A) (B) and (C) examines the 2014 data breach at Sony and the subsequent reputational and business management challenges. 

Christopher Cellante and Timothy Kelly, both JD graduates of the Notre Dame Law School, received the First Place Award in the Business Schools Category of the 15th Annual Arthur W. Page Society Case Study Competition in Corporate Communication. Chris and Tim will share a $2500 cash prize from the Society, along with similar permanent recognition.

Their case study, Barney's New York: A Case of "Shop and Frisk" examines the 2013-14 controversy over shoplifting and racial profiling at one of New York's iconic luxury retailers.

Since 1990, Notre Dame students have researched, written, and published more than 350 business case studies in Corporate Communication. The Arthur W. Page Society is a select-member association comprising the chief communication officers of the Fortune 500, the CEOs of the largest communication consulting agencies in the world, and a select number of academics who teach, research, and write in the field of Corporate Communication. All five students were enrolled in Corporate Communication, taught by Professor James O'Rourke, during 2015, and produced original case studies as a part of their classroom assignments. These three awards are the 20th, 21st and 22nd national case-writing prizes Notre Dame students have won in Corporate Communication. This includes six first-place prizes, eight second-place prizes, and three third-place prizes in the Business Schools Category. Notre Dame has won the Page Society's Grand Prize four times in 15 years, more than any other school.