Seven Alumni Join Mendoza's Graduate Alumni Board

Author: Tim Ponisciak

The Mendoza College of Business Graduate Alumni Board meets on campus each spring and fall to discuss big picture challenges and opportunities for the college. Board members help the college’s leadership by providing their own insights and advice about the business world, and often help to advance the college’s mission in a variety of ways.

This spring, the board has elected seven new members. This new cohort brings to the board a broad range of experience in areas such as finance, entrepreneurship, event management, higher education, consulting and accounting. The new board members are:

  • Geoff Colgan, MBA 1993
  • Charles Florance, MBA 2013
  • Mark Peters, MBA 1995
  • Chris Remington, MNA 1995
  • Cindy Rheinhardt, EMBA 2011
  • Chris Sinclair, MBA 2006
  • David Sutherland, BBA 2007, MBA 2010


"Each time I have the opportunity to visit Notre Dame, I am reminded of Mendoza's mission to 'Ask More of Business' through my interactions with administrators, faculty and students, and I leave personally re-energized,” says Cindy Rheinhardt. “Joining the Graduate Alumni Board will help me to expand my connections to the University and allow me to give back in a meaningful way."

The board assists each year with special projects from the college, and also helps with alumni engagement, fundraising and admissions activities. Board members often serve an active role in their local alumni community and as a liaison with their local Notre Dame clubs.


This year’s application process was particularly competitive, with over 90 applications to join.

Why do these alumni choose to be involved?

“Nearly 25 years ago I stood on the steps of the Hayes-Healy building, and if I’m honest, I was just a little scared of the unknown” says Geoff Colgan. “Looking back, I could never have envisioned the launching pad my Notre Dame MBA would provide, and I wanted to be part of the team that maintains this experience.”