Shaping our future

Author: Marla Rose

Crystal balls are getting quite a workout in central Ohio.

A host of groups are planning, studying, celebrating, "visioning" Columbus in 2012 ... 2015 ... 2020 ... 2050.

There's the 2010 Downtown Columbus Strategic Plan, which is seeking public input on what Downtown should look like in 10 years.

That would coincide with 2020 -- the year that the Columbus Partnership has targeted with its Columbus 2020 economic-development plan.

Finance professor Barry Keating was quoted in the article as saying ""It's certainly a good idea to have goals, but you have to do a solid cost-benefit analysis and have a real plan, not just goals," Keating said. "When it comes down to it, businesses wanting to grow or relocate look for places that have good infrastructure and a good, educated work force. Those things aren't very sexy, but success really comes down to basics."

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