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Executive Integral Leadership, Kylemore

Experience The Notre Dame Global Centre at Kylemore Abbey, Ireland

Notre Dame began taking its renowned Executive Integral Leadership programme to Ireland in 2017.  It was an immersion in the local landscape alongside the opportunity to grow as a leader amidst the serene setting of Kylemore Abbey, surrounded by mountains and lakes in the heart of Connemara in County Galway.  We anticipate a 2018 opportunity for you to develop your leadership at Kylemore; details to follow by 31 December.

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Details of Your Week at Kylemore

The Executive Integral Leadership week is for accomplished, innovative executives and successful team-leading directors—individuals who sincerely want to grow as leaders. The program begins with Notre Dame’s Integral Leadership Model, which considers you, as a leader, in relation to complex business challenges, and focuses on an inside-out developmental approach. Effective leaders learn to account for themselves, those around them, and the systems in place within their organizations. An enhanced level of attention increases the executive’s capacity to diagnose issues, develop change initiatives, evaluate strategic options, and sustain success. Participants gain a holistic framework and a set of tools for leadership. The week also includes executive coaching based on a robust 360° feedback instrument, The Leadership Circle Profile™

Eil Kylemore 2107 Program Schedule

"We are excited and proud that Executive Integral Leadership (EIL) has been evolving over the years. In Ireland, we are showcasing the most current perspective on leadership that moves organizations forward to face the challenges of today. Whether you are an EIL participant of the past or new to the program, you will find immediate, practical value for advancing on the growing edge of your unique leadership."

Mel Dowdy, Lead Program Faculty, University of Notre Dame, Mendoza College of Business

Look Inward to Move Yourself and the Organization Forward

Executive Integral Leadership is transformational for those seeking to take their leadership to the next level.  As a change agent, you will find creative solutions to your pressing business issues as well as insight into yourself. And, because authentic leadership starts from within, you will discover more about yourself than ever before.

"We are thrilled Notre Dame is coming to Ireland and introducing its signature executive program at Kylemore. With the rapid pace of change in today's world, leaders need to know how to motivate their teams for fantastic performance and how to 'think differently,' all while keeping their values at the forefront."  

Neil Naughton, Deputy Chairman, Glen Dimplex Group and University of Notre Dame Business Advisory Council Member

Ireland Session Dates

The world is in urgent need of great leaders. Join fellow executives for an inspirational experience on the grounds of Kylemore Castle, in Connemara, County, Galway, Ireland. 


Please complete an application to participate.  Apply now.

Programme Fee*

Investment for individual attendees, by type of organization you represent:

  • For-profit organization: $8,700
  • Not-for-profit organization: $7,700
  • Additional attendees from the same organization: $7,700 
  • Spouse fee: $625                           
  • Contact us about team pricing

Your participation fee will include:

  • The Leadership Circle Profile™ 360-degree assessment and 90-minute Executive Coaching session
  • Health and Wellness biofeedback assessments
  • Meals and three nights of luxurious accommodations at Kylemore Abbey (limited to the first 14 participants) or Clifden Station House. (The option to stay at Ballynahinch Castle for an additional €250 per night is no longer available.)
  • All transportation during the program once you arrive at Kylemore; you are responsible for your travel to and from Kylemore Abbey on Tuesday and Friday.
  • Spouse fee includes breakfasts, dinners and evening activities during the program.

Your entire fee is due prior to the start of the program. Please do not defer or cancel participation less than three weeks prior to the start of the session.

*Fees for a 2018 programme may change.                  


  • USA Participants: Contact Anthony Travel for all of your flight and ground transportation needs for travelling to and from the program. They can also assist you with your weekend plans in Ireland before or after the program. 
  • Ireland and European Participants: For executive ground transportation for travelling to and from the program, contact Spirit of Ireland Executive Travel 

For More Information 

Call Claire Brown, Kylemore Abbey Global Centre +353 (0)95-41815 or
Sue Callaghan, Notre Dame, IN, (574) 631-5285 or
Email us to hold your seat or learn more.

Upon the successful completion of this program, the participant will receive a document certifying that the participant completed the program.  The document will not qualify as an academic credential, and the recipient will not earn any academic credits at the University of Notre Dame in connection with the program.  Participants in the program are not students at the University of Notre Dame, and completion of the program does not qualify any participant for status as an alumnus of the University of Notre Dame. 

Introducing our Outstanding Program Faculty

Mel Dowdy

Mel Dowdy, Lead Program Faculty and Facilitator

Bob Anderson

Bob Anderson

Sr Marie Hickey

Sr. Maire Hickey, Abbess

Paul Matthews

Paul Matthews

Alan Kerins

Alan Kerins

Des Lally

Des Lally