Focus on the Future

Focus on the Future: Nonprofit Human Services Certificate

A Certificate for Leaders in Nonprofit Human Services

The nonprofit sector is changing at the speed of thought, meaning today’s nonprofit leaders—including those in the human services sector—face an increasingly complex climate that calls for continuous development of their business skills. To address this need, we offer an open enrollment, non-degree certificate program to build leadership and managerial skills in a focused format.
Through this program, you’ll discover the most effective and efficient way to:
  • Understand how business enterprise can support your nonprofit
  • Create an innovative culture
  • Gain insight into future legislation affecting nonprofits
  • Improve your advocacy skills
  • Prepare for—and prevent—future risk
  • Improve your communication skills
  • Better manage your Board of Directors


The cost of enrollment is $2,500, and includes all instruction materials and books, and most meals.

Organization Benefits

  • Improved management and operations
  • Deeper industry understanding to advance your organization’s mission
  • Increased fundraising capacity
  • Better board involvement
  • Improved public relations skills
  • Crisis management and preparation
  • New, innovative solutions to your problems and challenges