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Four semesters, 68 credits, two degrees, and everything you need to know about business and analytics.

Your first year focuses primarily on MBA core courses, including a solid introduction to business analytics in the spring, to provide a foundation for your internship experience. In the second year, you complete MSBA and MBA required courses, and then select from a wide range of elective offerings to suit your career objectives. 

Each of your four semesters consists of two seven-week modules, separated by a one-week interterm intensive that is focused on developing and applying your analytics skills.  

**Curriculum is subject to change.

Year 1 Fall   17 credit hours
Module 1 (8 credit hours)    
Financial Accounting I   Foundations of Ethical Business Conduct
Intro to Business Analytics   Managerial Economics
Interterm (1 credit hour)  
Module 2 (8 credit hours)    
Financial Accounting II   Marketing Management
Finance I   U.S. and Global Economy
Year 1 Spring   17 credit hours
Module 3 (8 credit hours)    
Leadership & Organizational Behavior   Predictive Analytics
Strategic Decision Making   Finance II
Interterm (1 credit hour): Data Wrangling with R  
Module 4 (8 credit hours)    
Problem Solving   Data Exploration & Visualization
Advanced Statistical Inference   Data Management
Year 2 Fall   17 credit hours
Module 1 (8 credit hours)    
Process Analytics   Spreadsheet Decision Modeling
New Media Interaction   MSBA Elective
Interterm (1 credit hour): Integrated Analytics Deep Dive  
Module 2 (8 credit hours)    
Ethical Considerations in Data Analytics   MSBA Elective
Unstructured Data Analytics   MBA Elective
Year 2 Spring   17 credit hours
Module 3 (8 credit hours)    
Machine Learning   MSBA Elective
MSBA Elective   MBA Elective
Interterm (1 credit hour)  
Module 4 (8 credit hours)    
Spreadsheet Decision Modeling   Analytics Capstone Experience
MSBA Elective   MBA Elective


Selected MSBA Elective Courses
Emerging Issues in Analytics
Lean Six Sigma
Marketing Analytics
Marketing Research
SAP Predictive Analytics
Social Media Analytics
Sports Analytics
Strategic Business Technology
Supply Chain Analytics


Integral Leadership Development

Our dual-degree MBA/MSBA students will not only master truly data-driven decision-making, but will also have a unique opportunity to combine this with strong leadership skills to advance their careers. Leadership skills are highly sought after by recruiters, and often most elusive to find at business schools. Every business school claims to teach effective leadership, but what does that really mean?

At Mendoza, it means leading with confidence, from your core values, and being authentic. We want our students to understand their own strengths and weaknesses – then turn those into effective leadership skills that are as unique as the individual, and as applicable at any organizational level.

Our Integral Leadership Development Program is your initial on-campus experience as a Mendoza two-year MBA/MSBA student. During your first week with us, you will explore leadership in ways that you never have. Delving deep so you can rise high. We believe that to become your best leader, you must be clear on who you are, what you believe, as well as what skills need to be honed.

We’re proud to have built a signature leadership experience in partnership with Mendoza Executive Education. As a two-year MBA/MSBA, you will be able to experience a leadership program similar to what we offer top corporate executives. It’s an opportunity worth taking.

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