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Why get an MBA? 

Leadership. Discipline. Integrity. Critical thinking under pressure. These skills have been crucial to your successful military career. These same traits paired with a quantitative business skill set opens the door to a new world of possibilities as you transition from the military to civilian life or continue on your path to command. Veterans with MBAs are among the most sought after hires by leading recruiters. Notre Dame's Veteran MBA students have earned a 100% job placement rate every year since 2010.  

God, Country, Notre Dame

Since the early days of the University, Notre Dame has had close ties to the armed forces. Students and alumni of the University have served in every US military branch and in every major conflict since the Civil War. From iconic moments such as Fr. Corby's blessing of the Irish Brigade before the Battle of Gettysburg to the training of Naval officers during WWII to the continued support of returning veterans, Notre Dame has embraced this community whose values align with and reflect those of Our Lady's University. 

Learn more about the University support resources through the Office of Military and Veterans Affairs.

Yellow Ribbon

Notre Dame is proud to participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program, which offers significant benefits to qualifying veterans. For veterans who are 100% eligible, the University will contribute $16,000 to be matched by the VA, which is above the GI Bill Private School reimbursement. This total amount can exceed full tuition and can also include other benefits such as books and additional stipends. 

A Ready Community 

In the Notre Dame MBA program, you'll find a robust cohort of Military veterans. The current 2017-2018 MBA student body includes:

38 Veterans 57+ Years Deployed 50 Countries of Service
22 Bronze Stars 56 Commendation Awards 53 Achievement Awards


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Nate Nekvasil

US Army

3rd Special Forces Group (Airborne)

President, ND MBA Military Veterans Club

Class of 2018




Jim Hiltz

US Coast Guard

Sector Los Angeles - Long Beach

Vice President, ND MBA Military Veterans Club

Class of 2018




Sam Butler

US Army

5th Special Forces Group (Airborne)

Chair of Veteran Engagement, ND MBA Military Veterans Club

Class of 2018


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