Specialized Master's Programs

GRE Exemption

Applicants to the MNA Program may be eligible to seek an exemption from the admissions requirement of taking and submitting a score for the GRE. An applicant who satisfies any of the following criteria will be eligible to formally request an exemption from the GRE requirement:

  • A minimum of 8 years of nonprofit executive level experience in management of people, budgets, and overall business unit
  • A minimum of 5 years nonprofit managerial or supervisory experience and successful completion of an approved quantitative MNA graduate course (e.g. MNA 70750 Accounting for Nonprofit Managers or MNA 70760 Employment Law) with a final grade of B or better
  • A minimum of 2 years nonprofit work experience, and an acceptable GPA (3.0 minimum) earned in conjunction with a conferred graduate degree that involved some business coursework

To formally request an exemption from the GRE requirement, an eligible applicant must submit: (1) a resume and (2) a paragraph outlining the reporting structure of the organization(s) at which the applicant acquired the work experience that satisfies one of the criteria above; the budget responsibilities the applicant held at the organization(s); and the supervisory responsibilities the applicant held at the organization(s). The MNA Director shall review all requests for an exemption from the GRE requirement, and shall make a recommendation on each request to the MNA Admissions Committee. The MNA Admissions Committee shall make the final decision on which requests for exemption shall and shall not be granted, and shall notify each applicant who requested an exemption of the final decision on his/her request. The decision will be based on a holistic review of the request and the MNA Admission Committee’s determination of whether a decision can be reached on the applicant’s application for admission to the MNA Program without a GRE score for the applicant.

It is solely the responsibility of each applicant who is interested in requesting an exemption from the GRE requirement to submit the request sufficiently in advance of the registration deadline of any GRE exam that the applicant is considering taking and submitting to the University in connection with an application to the MNA Program. Although the MNA Admissions Committee will seek to notify applicants of a decision approximately two weeks after the applicant submits an exemption request, applicants are strongly advised to submit a request for exemption no less than one month before the deadline of any GRE exam the applicant is considering taking if the exemption is not granted. In no event shall the University be responsible to an applicant for any consequences resulting from its inability to provide the applicant with a decision on an exemption request within two weeks of the submission of the request or within any other time period.

Applicants who are either not granted an exemption from the GRE requirement according to the foregoing process or are not eligible to request such an exemption shall be required to take and submit a score for the GRE to be considered for admission to the MNA Program.

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