Management Consulting

Management Major Requirements and Elective Concentration

All Management & Organization majors take a common core of five management courses (9 credit hours total):

MGT 30220: Management Communication 1.5
MGT 30490: Business Problem Solving 3
MGT 30660: Strategic IT 1.5
MGT 40700: Project Management 1.5
MGT 40750: Quantitative Decision Modeling 1.5

Management Consulting majors take four of these five courses (12 credit hours total):

MGTC 30300: Management Competencies 3
MGTC 30450: Strategic Human Resource Management 3
MGTC 30460: International Management 3
MGTC 40410: Values-Based Leadership 3
MGTC 40420: Innovation and Design Thinking 3

Business Intelligence (CBIN) Concentration for Management Consulting (Optional)

The Management & Organization Department offers a Business Intelligence concentration (CBIN) for the Management Consulting major. This concentration is designed to help consulting majors focus on a specific area of interest in elective coursework beyond the major requirements. Concentrations are optional for students, and require a minimum of 9 additional credit hours of coursework beyond the major. The CBIN concentration offers a way for consulting majors to prepare for rapidly growing career opportunities in analytics-focused firms or in the growing analytics practices of consulting firms

A CBIN concentrator within Management Consulting would take:

MGTI 30630: Systems Analysis and Design 3
MGT 40450: Social Media Analytics 3
And one of these two courses:  
MARK 30130: Marketing Analytics 3
MGTI 30620: Business Intelligence 3