Hong Guo

Robert and Sara Lumpkins Associate Professor in Business Analytics

Hong  Guo

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Dr. Hong Guo studies economic analysis of IT policy issues such as net neutrality and public safety networks. She is also interested in characterizing key design features of emerging information systems (e.g., consumer review systems, mobile platforms, digital games, etc.) and examining firms’ corresponding strategies. She teaches analytics courses including data exploration & visualization, quantitative decision modeling, process analytics, and statistics in business at Notre Dame.

Areas of Expertise

Economic Analysis of IT Policies

Net Neutrality

Mining Online Social Networks


Ph D, University of Florida

MSBA, University of Rochester

M.Eng., Renmin University of China

B.Eng., Renmin University of China


Data Visualization

Quantitative Decision Modeling


"From net neutrality to data neutrality: A techno-economic framework and research agenda", (with Robert Easley, Jan Krämer), to appear in Information Systems Research.

"A mobile platform’s in-app advertising contract under agency pricing for app sales", (with Lin Hao, Robert Easley), Production and Operations Management, 26, 2017.

"Organization of public safety networks: Spillovers, interoperability, and participation", (with Yipeng Liu, Barrie Nault), Production and Operations Management, 26, 2017.

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"Network neutrality versus paid prioritization: Analyzing the impact on content innovation", (with Robert Easley), Production and Operations Management, 25, 2016.

"Who cares about your big day? Impact of life events on dynamics of social networks", (with Arati Srinivasan, Sarv Devaraj), to appear in Decision Sciences.

"Design of consumer review systems and product pricing", (with Yabing Jiang), Information Systems Research, 26, 2015.

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