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Luis  Gomez-Mejia

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Endowed Position

Ray and Milann Siegfried Professor of Management


Luis Gomez-Mejia joined the Mendoza College of Business as the Ray and Milan Siegfried Professor of Management. Prior to coming to Mendoza, Gomez-Mejia was the Benton Cocanaugher Chair in Business at Texas A & M University (since 2009); he also was a faculty member at Arizona State University (since 1989), where he was a Council of 100 Distinguished Scholar, a Regents Professor, and Arizona Heritage Chair holder. Gomez-Mejia has received numerous awards in his professional career, including the Outstanding Alumni Award from University of Minnesota (given to approximately two out of every 50,000 graduates from University of Minnesota), Doctor Honoris Causa at Carlos III University and Regents Professor (awarded to less than 1 percent of Arizona State University faculty). He was elected into the Hall of Fame of the Academy of Management (given to 33 Academy of Management members out of approximately 20,000 members). He has also received numerous awards for his research, including best paper in the Academy of Management Journal, best paper in Administrative Science Quarterly, and highest impact paper from the Entrepreneurship Division of Academy of Management. Gomez-Mejia, who has been named in several studies as one of the top management scholars in the world, has published more than 200 articles and 15 books in various management areas. His research has appeared in the best management journals: Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, Strategic Management Journal and Administrative Science Quarterly. His research has been cited more than 18,000 times (Google) and appears in the list of most highly cited in Economics and Business by Thompson (based on Web of Science, 2015). Luis Gomez-Mejia was an elected member of the Board of Governors of the Academy of Management and served as president of the Personnel/Human Resources Division of the Academy of Management (with approximately 2,500 members). He was elected for three terms as president of the Iberoamerican Academy of Management (an affiliate of the Academy of Management), which covers Spain/Portugal, all of Latin America, as well as Hispanic faculty in U.S. universities.

Areas of Expertise

International management

Family business

Strategic management

Executive compensation


Ph D, University of Minnesota


International management

International Management -Texas A & M

Organization Theory,Doctoral Seminar, A & M

Organization Theory, Doctoral Seminar A & M


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