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Sean  Handley

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Professor Handley’s primary scholarly interests lie in studying the challenges and approaches to managing outsourced business processes with a particular interest in: formal and informal mechanisms for managing inter-organizational relationships, the management of offshore outsourcing engagements, and quality management with outsourced manufacturing. Dr. Handley’s research has been published in several top tier journals including but not limited to the Journal of Operations Management, Production and Operations Management Journal, and Strategic Management Journal. He obtained his PhD and MBA from The Ohio State University, and received his BS in Industrial Management from the University of Cincinnati. Prior to entering academics, Professor Handley served in multiple technical and managerial capacities primarily supporting Honda’s North American logistics and supply chain operations.

Areas of Expertise



Global supply management

Buyer-supplier relationships

Inter-organizational quality management


Ph D, Fisher College of Business, The Ohio State University

MBA, Fisher College of Business, The Ohio State University

BS, University of Cincinnati


Strategic Sourcing and Procurement Management


"Antecedents of Information Systems Sourcing Strategies in U.S. Hospitals: A Longitudinal Study", (with Corey Angst, Kaitlin Wowak, Ken Kelley), to appear in MIS Quarterly.

"How Governance Misalignment and Outsourcing Capability Impact Performance", to appear in Production and Operations Management.

"Managing Quality in a Heterogeneous Contract Manufacturing Environment", (with John Gray), Decision Sciences, 46, 2015.

"Inter-organizational Conflicts:Research Overview, Challenges, and Opportunities", (with Fabrice Lumineau, Stephanie Eckerd), Journal of Strategic Contracts and Negotiation, 1, 2015.

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