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Why free trade is critical ... and so are global trade partnerships

Author: Jeffrey Bergstrand

With a glance back over the 20th century, it’s readily apparent that several policy decisions had extraordinary global impacts.

There were negative ones (the Poland Blitzkreig and the start of World War II by Germany) and positive ones (the post-WWII creation of a new international economic order resulting in cuts in tariffs globally). The human costs of WWII are well known: 15 million

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Researchers Find Privacy Regulation Can Improve, Rather Than Impair, Technology Adoption in Healthcare

Author: Abby Simmons

Health information exchanges (HIEs) provide information technology solutions that allow patients’ electronic medical records to be shared among otherwise disconnected healthcare organizations. HIE efforts seek to improve efficiency and quality of care, but have raised substantial concerns associated with the privacy of patients’ data.…

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