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Generic drugs are competing against one another to get cheaper — but it’s having an unintended consequence on the health of Americans

Generic drugs are competing against one another to get cheaper — but it’s having an unintended consequence on the health of Americans

Business Insider

Kaitlin Wowak's research on the competition to produce cheaper generic drugs was featured in a Business Insider article.  Wowak, an assistant professor in the Department of Information, Analytics, & Operations, coauthored the paper “Product competition, managerial discretion and manufacturing recalls in the U.S. pharmaceutical industry

Big oil to meet with Vatican officials, Pope Francis

An energy forum, co-hosted by the University of Notre Dame, will bring together investors, oil executives and Church officials June 8-9 at the Vatican. Read more here.

While most details about the encounter are being kept secret in hopes of facilitating frank dialogue among the participants, a weekly Vatican media planning calendar indicates the discussion will likely center on the need to transition the global energy market away from dependence on fossil fuels.

TBS should tell Samantha Bee to buzz off and fire her

Joseph Holt

Business ethics professor Joseph Holt, who teaches in the Department  wrote an opinion piece for Fox News about talk show host Samantha Bee's vulgar reference to Ivanka Trump. Read the full commentary here.

The Time Warner 2016 corporate social responsibility report includes the aspiration that the company’s original content “helps to deepen the conversation on issues that matter in society.” Bee had the opportunity to do that with respect to the pressing immigration issue. Criticizing President Trump or Ivanka Trump is fine, if Bee believes such criticism is needed, but why do it with a sexist slur? 

What active share can and can't tell you

Investment News

After 13 fund companies agreed to voluntarily disclose the active share metrics for their funds following an investigation by the New York attorney general, Investment News interviewed Martijn Cremers, the Bernard J. Hank Professor of Finance at Mendoza College of Business whose 2009 paper (co-authored with Antti Petajisto) introduced the measure of active portfolio management. …

More jobs than job seekers in Elkhart

Fox Business

Finance professor Jason Reed was interviewed by Fox News business correspondent Matt Finn for a story on the fact that currently there are more job openings in Elkhart, Indiana, than there are workers to fill them. Other communities throughout the Midwest face similar situations, according to the most recent stats from the Labor Department.