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3rd in the U.S. for extent and helpfulness of the alumni network

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Keen intelligence. Fierce tenacity. Strategic creativity. Profound decency. This is what people think when they think “Notre Dame.” And with Notre Dame on your résumé, it’s what hiring managers and senior executives the world over will think of you, when they’re recruiting their next young leaders.

Build Confidence in the Face of Disruption

The best response to disruptive change? Have a strategy that’s thorough and forward-looking enough to account for contingencies, and have the courage to stick to it. And as anyone who’s hired our graduates knows, foresight and courage are Mendoza hallmarks.

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Ask More of Business

Ask more of business is about teaching rigorous business skills within an ethical framework. It means that to do good in business, you must first be good at business. At Mendoza, we do both by ensuring our students have both the academic rigor and values to ask more of business, and themselves.

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At Mendoza, you can choose from 11 degree programs, including an MBA and Executive MBA that are ranked among the best in the nation. Find the program that best fits your career goals and experience.

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