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A Culture of Service

The Mendoza Volunteer Group is a coalition of Notre Dame friends, family, and alumni relentlessly driven to create opportunities and advantages for the students, faculty, and staff at the Mendoza College of Business. At this volunteer hub, you’ll find immediate opportunities to give of your time, expertise, experience, and connections.

Volunteer Opportunities FALL 2022


Silicon Valley Mentors and Innovation Project Sponsors

We have MBA students headed to Silicon Valley from October 25-December 6, and we're hoping to recruit local tech companies as partners in digital innovation projects for our students, as well as find Valley alumni to serve as mentors.

MSBA Capstone

The MSBA program is currently looking for capstone project corporate sponsors. The capstone project is the culmination of the MSBA program, and provides students with an intensive, integrative experience. During the course of the capstone project, student teams work to analyze a problem on behalf of a sponsoring organization. The sponsor provides the business problem and gives students access to relevant data and in-house subject matter experts.

Faculty Research

Does your company or organization have interesting or unique data sets that could be of use to our research faculty?

Mendoza Research Partners

The faculty in Mendoza’s Management & Organization department are looking to recruit Mendoza Research Partners. Our faculty study a number of topics relevant to HRM and People Analytics, including engagement, personality, diversity & inclusion, trust, ethics, justice, well-being, and leadership. Our work is survey-based, and we pay research participants out of Mendoza research funds. The one thing we always need is access to groups of 500+ employees. Thus, we are looking to recruit partners for our research.

Grow the Good in Business banner

Share your story of Growing the Good in Business

Are you Growing the Good in Business every day? We'd love to help you share your inspiring story with the rest of the Mendoza community.


Career Opportunities

Are you hiring or looking for interns from our undergraduate or graduate students?

Alumni Speakers Bureau

Interested in getting in front of our students to share your experience and expertise? Join our speakers bureau.

Admissions Support

Are you in an area or industry with talent that may be a good fit for our graduate business programs? Help us grow the Mendoza community through our recruitment efforts and events.

About Mendoza Alumni

With more than 45,000 graduates, members of the Notre Dame Mendoza alumni community have opportunities to stay connected to each other and the college in many ways.

What’s more, at the University of Notre Dame, we don’t distinguish between ‘Mendoza’ and ‘Notre Dame’ alumni. Once you leave our campus, you’re part of the extended Notre Dame family, and you will forever have more than 150,000 family members who will go the extra mile to help you succeed.

Our alumni let their values guide their business decisions. It’s their moral compass that leads them toward successful ventures—for both the greater good, as well as themselves. Our alumni are a community of diverse professionals who not only grow the good in business, but are also ready to propose ethically sound solutions in pursuit of a better future. Here’s what our alumni network looks like.

Contact Us

The Office of Alumni Relations is responsible for developing alumni engagement designed to provide opportunities for connection, service and professional development to enhance loyalty and support to the entire Mendoza community. It manages the Graduate Alumni Board and provides support for Mendoza career services, experiential learning, and admissions and recruitment. Alumni Relations also closely collaborates with the associate deans and all of the programs on their alumni priorities, as well as with the Notre Dame Alumni Association. You can reach us at