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Inspirational Leadership at Kylemore

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What’s more inspiring than immersing yourself around motivated individuals and stunning scenery?

Get away from your day-to-day routine, and join us at the signature leadership programme at The Notre Dame Global Centre at Kylemore Abbey, Ireland.

Geared toward senior leaders, this unforgettable experience will help you to further develop your leadership skills all while being surrounded by the beautiful Irish countryside and within the walls of this Benedictine Abbey. We invite you to this accelerated four day programme to foster a sincere growth and excitement about your role as a leader.

View an aerial video of  Kylemore Abbey.

1 Week


Kylemore Abbey, Ireland

Your Program Experience

The Inspirational Leadership at Kylemore moves away from the traditional classroom environment to create a more all-encompassing, transformational experience for those who sincerely want to take their leadership to the next level. You’ll learn how to better account for yourself, those around you, and the systems in place within your organization.

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Increased Executive Capacity

Get a better handle on effective ways to diagnose issues, develop change initiatives, and evaluate strategic options to your everyday business needs.

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Up Your Intuition

Because authentic leadership starts from within, placing more attention on discovering more about yourself than ever before will lead to sustained success.

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Gain Confidence and Self Insight

Learn how to adapt your inner leader to be more effective in leading teams and resilient the next time you face a challenge.

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We Believe Scenery Inspires

The backdrop of mountains and lakes in the heart of Connemara in County Galway and the reflective, serene setting of Kylemore Abbey invites you to be inspired and to inspire others.

What You’ll Learn

Be the leader you know you can be. The design is based on the holistic, values-based leadership model of Notre Dame’s signature Executive Integral Leadership (EIL) programme. Want to take it a step further? Some participants may want to consider this an EIL 2.0, though the first programme is not required to join the Kylemore program. Participants at Kylemore will gain an enhanced set of tools for effective leadership.

You and your executive coach will immerse yourselves in feedback from your 360° assessment, The Leadership Circle Profile™, which considers you, as a leader, in relation to others, amidst complex business challenges. Your personalized executive coaching session will focus on an inside-out developmental approach.


Registration for the Inspirational Leadership is open to all interested candidates, though we recommend registrants to have at least 5 years of business leadership and/or management in order to enhance their experience in the course.

Key Dates

22-25 October 2019

Upon the successful completion of this program, you will receive a document certifying that you completed the program. The document will not qualify as an academic credential, and you will not earn any academic credit from the University. Though you will be enrolled in the Executive Education Certificate Program, you will not be considered a student at the University, and completion of the program will not make you eligible for alumni status from the University of Notre Dame.

Participant Fee

Pricing: $7,400 | € 6,500

Your participation fee will include:

  • The Leadership Circle Profile™ 360-degree assessment and 90-minute Executive Coaching session
  • Health and wellness biofeedback assessments
  • Meals and three nights of luxurious accommodations at Kylemore Abbey (for the first 14 participants) or Lough Inagh Lodge.
  • All transportation once you arrive at Kylemore; you are responsible for your travel to and from Kylemore Abbey.
  • Spouse fee of $625 available and includes breakfasts, dinners, and evening activities during the program. Program participants will be busy during the day.

Your entire fee is due prior to the start of the program. Please do not defer or cancel participation less than three weeks prior to the start of the session.

Notre Dame’s Partnership with Kylemore Abbey

The Notre Dame Centre at Kylemore links with the Dublin Gateway to dynamically broaden Notre Dame’s engagement within Ireland and foster international connectivity as well as serve as a conduit between campus and the wider European and American university network. Program activities at Kylemore include executive programming to enhance Notre Dame’s mission in Ireland. You may be interested in the Abbey’s history prior to partnership with Notre Dame. We welcome you to experience the Notre Dame Global Centre at Kylemore.


  • USA Participants: Contact Anthony Travel for all of your flight and ground transportation needs for travelling to and from the program. They can also assist you with your weekend plans in Ireland before or after the program.
  • Ireland and European Participants: For executive ground transportation for travelling to and from the program, contact Spirit of Ireland Executive Travel

For More Information

Call Lisa Caulfield, Kylemore Abbey Global Centre +353 (0)95-41815 or

Elizabeth Heintzkill, Notre Dame, IN, (574) 631-0564 or

Email us to hold your seat or learn more.

While traveling the roads between Galway City and Kylemore I realized I had made quite a time commitment to this venture, and I was arriving to the Abbey with some trepidation and wondering if it was all going to be worth definitely was. The place, coupled with the program, allowed me to disconnect from the day to day distractions and really contemplate my life as a leader, both professionally and personally. Overall, the Kylemore experience allowed me to reflect on my role as a leader, reassess some of the perceived and real challenges I face as a leader, and recommit myself to being a better leader in the future. Walter Healy, President/CEO, Community Bank of Oak Park River Forest, IL, USA and 2017 Kylemore participant