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Get the one-on-one coaching you need to develop and elevate your leadership capacity, resiliency and confidence.

Notre Dame’s Executive Coaching programs feature personalized conversations and coaching sessions to give you a customized approach your career development. Your sessions will help you focus on clear outcomes that lead you to improved, sustainable business results and authentic happiness.

Developed for leaders who have participated in Notre Dame’s Executive Integral Leadership course or for those who want to invest in coaching only, this course offers four one-on-one options based on the coaching level you’re looking for. Each will further develop your strengths and create a roadmap for your future, helping you develop as a professional and as a person.

Up to four 60 to 90 minute sessions



Highlights: Your Program Experience

Executive Coaching through the Stayer Center for Executive Education offers a personalized, one-on-one approach to help you develop the clarity you’ve always wanted for your leadership development. Your coach will take time to debrief with you by getting to know your specific background and needs, and from there, will offer timely feedback on a number of areas of development and measure your progress. Here’s what you can expect:

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Face Challenges Head On

Through your thorough debriefing session with your coach, you’ll gain an expert perspective on the leadership challenges you’ve previously encountered in order to better equip yourself for the next one.

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Further Your Leadership Skills

Built around Notre Dame’s trusted 360° feedback instrument, the Leadership Circle Profile®, you’ll further the skills you gained during your Notre Dame Executive Integral Leadership course or on your current executive experience.

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Apply Changes Immediately

Easily apply the coaching theories and insights you learn into your business right after you hang up the phone.

What You’ll Learn

Choose from four one-on-one coaching options to best suit your needs.

Option 1: Initiate

If you have not taken the Leadership Circle Profile, the executive coaching process starts with the 360° feedback instrument and continues with four one-on-one coaching sessions:

  • One-on-one, 90-minute debriefing session via phone
  • 360° feedback instrument, incorporating feedback from colleagues, direct reports and bosses
  • Three 60-minute, one-on-one coaching sessions via phone

Option 2: Follow Up

If you have already taken the Leadership Circle Profile during Executive Integral Leadership, for example, you may be interested in continuing the coaching. Choose the same executive coach or a different one:

  • Four 60-minute, one-on-one coaching sessions via phone
  • A Notre Dame legacy journal to enhance reflective practices

Option 3: Measure

During this coaching option, you may decide to use an abbreviated version of the 360° feedback instrument to provide timely feedback on just one or two specific areas of development:

  • Abbreviated version of 360° feedback instrument
  • Three opportunities to assess growth over nine months

Option 4: Retake

If you simply want to measure your progress a year or more after coaching, retake the Leadership Circle Profile® and schedule a debrief meeting:

  • One 90-minute coaching/debriefing session via phone
  • A retake of your previous 360° feedback instrument


You can enroll for Executive Coaching anytime, but registration is required. You will begin the process by completing the 360° assessment online and selecting others for feedback. Your first coaching session should be scheduled within one month. Enroll Now.

Upon the successful completion of this program, you will receive a document certifying your accomplishment. However, the document will not qualify as an academic credential, and you will not earn any academic credits at the University of Notre Dame. Those who participate in the program are not students at the University of Notre Dame, and completion of the program does not qualify any participant for status as an alumnus of the University.

Participation Fee

Fee varies per session. Please call 574-631-5285 or email us at for pricing.