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Online Executive Education

Get a world-class business education from one of the top-rated business schools, from anywhere in the world.

Notre Dame’s Online Executive Education is ideal for you if you are an experienced professional looking to expand your business skill set. Not only will you learn from knowledgeable experts who teach in the Mendoza College of Business and beyond, you will do so according to your own schedule and location.

15-20 hrs over eight weeks per course



Highlights: Your Program Experience

With Online Executive Education programs, you will collaborate with Mendoza instructors to develop and perfect your business skills, such as negotiation, business administration, management and leadership—skills that translate across multiple industries and careers. And while your learning will take place online, you can easily interact with faculty via virtual office hours, chat rooms and message boards.

Notre Dame offers professionals a wide range of certificate options, all of which are designed to enhance the most vital skills for a successful career in business. Each certificate course is a maximum of eight weeks in length, and include the following:

Excel in the Everyday Tasks

Give yourself an advantage when it comes to the most common and distinctive business situations you’ll likely face on the job, including how to plan, organize, coach, motivate, delegate and communicate with a team.

Work on Your Professional Development

Learn how to achieve a higher level of effectiveness when managing either large corporations or smaller teams by gaining a firm command of the forces affecting your job.

Increased Executive Capacity

Learn how to effectively diagnose issues, develop change initiatives and evaluate strategic options for your team or your business.

What You’ll Learn

You’ve got options when it comes to Notre Dame’s Online Executive Education certificate lineup. Through video-based lectures and convenient 24/7 access to an engaging, interactive classroom experience, choose from your basic executive needs or more tailored programs for nonprofit use.

Online Executive Education Certificate Programs

The certificate options consist of one, two, or three courses that are each eight weeks long and build on one another in a step-by-step process.

Online Nonprofit Executive Certificate Programs

Notre Dame is committed to social service and the desire to meet the unique needs of the nonprofit industry through these 100% online nonprofit certifications.

Learn more about Notre Dame’s Online Executive Education offering by visiting Notre Dame Online.


Select online Executive Education Certificate Program offerings are ongoing and begin on the first of every month. For specific information on program offerings, visit Notre Dame Online.

These programs are approved for use of GI Bill® education benefits for qualified individuals.

Upon the successful completion of this program, you will receive a document certifying that you completed the program. The document will not qualify as an academic credential, and you will not earn any academic credit from the University. Though you will be enrolled in the Executive Education Certificate Program, you will not be considered a student at the University, and completion of the program will not make you eligible for alumni status from the University of Notre Dame.

Participant Tuition

Tuition is dependent upon the program and ranges between $1,980-$4,445. Please click on the program you’re interested in for details, or contact us for more information.



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