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Big Data, Big Opportunity

The demand for leaders who can analyze data and, ultimately, make strategic and ethical business decisions based on it, is increasing at a record pace. This is a tremendous opportunity for those bold enough to accept the challenge, and Notre Dame’s M.S. in Business Analytics may be just what you need to put your data analytics career into high gear. The MSBA in Chicago was designed for working professionals with at least two years of work experience who want to better understand how to use data to tell powerful stories and make data-based business decisions.

Global ranking of alumni effectiveness by The Economist.

224 S. Michigan Avenue
Classes held at our convenient Michigan Avenue location.

1.5 million
Managers and analysts are needed in the U.S. alone, according to McKinsey.

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The Intersection of Analytics and Business

Earning a Master’s in Business Analytics from Notre Dame combines the power of analytics with the foresight of a top-ranked business school. Our integrated, rigorous and ethics-based curriculum challenges you in ways beyond your expectations with the goal of preparing you for a career making data-based decisions for positive impact, no matter the industry. You’ll leave Notre Dame with the tools to understand data and the knowledge to make sure the power of data is used ethically. The Notre Dame Master’s in Business Analytics program culminates with a capstone project where small teams are paired with partner companies to solve real problems.

Minutes to Campus, One Year to a Degree

Throughout every industry, data is at the heart of today’s business decisions. Luckily for you, Notre Dame is in the heart of Chicago. Our campus on Michigan Avenue (224 S. Michigan) allows you to easily get to class and earn a Notre Dame degree without leaving the Loop. The cohort-based in-person learning environment in downtown Chicago fosters deeper conversation and understanding of data and creates connections to your classmates not available in online programs. Classes take place on alternating Friday and Saturdays for one year, allowing you to continue to work full-time and put the skills you learn in class to immediate use.

Irish Roots, Global Connections

When you choose to get your Master’s in Business Analytics at Notre Dame, you become a part of something bigger than yourself. The Notre Dame network goes beyond the Mendoza College of Business, and you’ll have instant connections to graduates in Chicago and around the world. Graduate business alumni have opportunities to stay connected through Mendoza alumni networking events, service projects and other special occasions. What’s more, at Notre Dame, we don’t distinguish between ‘Mendoza’ and ‘Notre Dame’ alumni. Once you leave our campus, you’re part of the extended Notre Dame Family, and you will forever have more than 144,000 family members who will go the extra mile to help you succeed. There is a reason why our alumni have been ranked #4 globally by The Economist for alumni effectiveness – our network loves to help out fellow Domers.