Mendoza School of Business

Student Perspective: Kristina Rediehs, MSBA ’20

Immediately applicable lessons for real-world scenarios.

The MSBA program through the Notre Dame Mendoza College of Business is an excellent example of how the University has responded to an evolving business world that is just as full of big problems as it is big data. The University has seen the growing demand for well-trained business analytics professionals and has responded by providing an academic environment that best suits the needs of both working professionals and companies alike. The MSBA program’s concentrated, one-year timeline allows for individuals and employers to commit their resources to develop the necessary skills to take on the growing big data business problems in all industries in a shorter duration, while still receiving the top tier learning one would expect from the Mendoza School of Business and from Notre Dame as a whole.

These days, “Big Data” has evolved from a buzz-word, casually tossed around when defining tech company revenue streams to an omnipresent facet in every industry. Every company across all industries has unique business needs and an ever-increasing quantity of data being generated.

The duality this leaves us with is, “what do we do with this cornucopia of data?” and “can we use it to address those needs?” Being at the junction with an answer to these questions is part of what has made my experience in the program so successful. A quote by John Owen presented to us by our Unstructured Data Analytics Professor, Dr. Fred Nwanganga well defines the reason Mendoza’s program is differentiated among its peers: “Data is what you need to do Analytics. Information is what you need to do Business.” Bringing together business acumen and data analysis is the apogee of a successful program – and it is exactly what makes graduates of this program stand out from the rest as truly effective business analytics leaders and problem solvers.

The MSBA program aims to shape future business leaders who will drive ND values and become the partners Big Data needs. People who understand critical analysis, its implications, and act in the best interest of both. Perhaps I’ve spent too many hours reading Dr. Seuss with my children, but a passage from his book, The Places You’ll Go, always stands out as it pertains to the completion of this program, “You’re on your own. And you know what you know. And you are the one who’ll decide where to go.” (Oh, the Places You’ll Go!) I’m so looking forward to seeing the continued trajectories of my cohort and dear friends, they are the next wave of great trailblazers!