Mendoza School of Business

Student Perspective: Nikita Mulaikal, MSBA ’20

Reflecting on time spent in the program and how the people - classmates and faculty - help create an environment that fosters holistic growth.

Though the MSBA program is taught at Notre Dame’s Chicago campus, we started our first week of classes in South Bend…in January. It was a bleak winter in South Bend, and I wondered what in the world I had gotten myself into. But by May, we had already finished seven courses and worked with five different tools. At present, we have just over a month until our final trip to South Bend for our last class. Looking back at my time in the Notre Dame MSBA program thus far, I couldn’t be more grateful.

As is true in most situations, I find that the people make all the difference. The MSBA program has been beneficial to me for many reasons. It offers a winning combination of content, duration, and location. But most importantly it gave me the opportunity to interact with a diverse group of individuals. Within our cohort, we bring together people in all types of roles, geographical locations, industries, experience levels and backgrounds. It’s very easy for one to focus on their own job and life, but these interactions have been constant reminders for me to broaden my perspective. Thanks to them I also received an education in football, something I never got even during my four years as an undergrad in a Big 10 school. This year is a challenge and a balancing act, but I am continuously encouraged by my fellow classmates who make the countless hours of schoolwork fun and are always ready to lend a helping hand.

This feeling is only enhanced by my experiences with our faculty, support team and alumni. Our professors all bend over backward to fit our working schedules. I can recall numerous times sending frantic questions or requesting calls on just a day’s notice, only to receive an immediate response. They have been a key resource to me not only in school, but also in my professional life. The facilities and support teamwork in harmony with our professors to fill our Chicago campus with the same Notre Dame spirit that’s present in South Bend and our alumni remind me that this support system is here for always, and not just during my time in the program.