Mendoza School of Business

Student Perspective: Sean McGuire

Sean McGuire is continually amazed and inspired by his fellow MSBA classmates--especially his project teammates.

I was drawn to the Notre Dame MSBA program for several reasons including the high standard of academic excellence, the worldwide recognition of the University and the Notre Dame family.

One thing I did not consider before starting the program was my fellow students. During our first day on campus, we had several opportunities to introduce ourselves, and I was amazed by the achievements and accomplishments of everyone in the class. We learned that afternoon that the class was comprised of students from eight different states and 26 undergraduate institutions. There are seven students with advanced degrees, and we have a combined 324 years of professional work experience.

As a person shared their stories I was in awe at their achievements and accomplishments. I learned we have lawyers, accountants, analysts, consultants, and military veterans as part of the class. Some of the most enjoyable experiences I have had thus far have been sitting around the lunch table hearing my fellow students share stories about their children, new job opportunities, or their time serving in Iraq. I am continuously amazed, inspired and motivated by each and every one of them.

I am particularly encouraged by the five classmates I have the privilege to call my teammates. We have spent hours on video conferences supporting, assisting, and inspiring each other. In two short months, we’ve evolved from 5 strangers who couldn’t remember each other’s names, to a small family that is willing to sacrifice to help each other succeed.

After spending time on campus, I do not doubt that Notre Dame is a special place. I think Lou Holtz described it best when he said, “for those that know Notre Dame no explanation is necessary, and for those who don’t know explanation will suffice.” There may be no explanation necessary, but the aspect that makes Notre Dame unique and special is the people who are a part of it. They all share a common desire to achieve great things and to be a powerful force for good. The Notre Dame MSBA Class of 2020 is no different, and I feel honored and privileged to be a part of that group.