Mendoza School of Business

Student Perspective: Steve Mazurski

Steve Mazurski talks about the quality of the Notre Dame MSBA faculty.

I cannot speak highly enough about the quality of the University of Notre Dame MSBA faculty. I went into the MSBA program excited to learn the subject matter. Now, I look forward to interacting with the faculty. All the instructors in the MSBA program come from impressive backgrounds, but what’s been most refreshing are their likeable, interesting and down-to-earth personalities. I have found every instructor to be fascinating in their own unique way, which makes focusing on the lectures that much easier.


Steve MazurskiI have also made valuable connections with my instructors, who are all genuinely good people that are willing to go above and beyond to help their students learn. For instance, I once emailed my Data Management professor a dataset to analyze a business problem my company was experiencing. The professor responded to the question within minutes, with a fully detailed explanation laying out the issue and a workable solution to the problem. It was almost robotic, and what was most remarkable was the level of interest in solving the issue. All my professors have taken this same approach, with the same level of detail and care to each of my queries.


The biggest lesson I’ve taken from my professors is that relationships are built upon one foundational value: helping people. Every question that I’ve asked has been received with a deep sense of care and has made it incredibly easy to develop strong relationships with my fellow classmates and instructors. The relationships I’ve developed will allow me to grow my professional network and adopt the same culture of professionalism and excellence that my instructors have portrayed upon me.