Mendoza School of Business

Course Highlights

Strategic Foresight  1.5 credits

The Strategic Foresight course is structured into 4 modules: Strategic Leadership, Anticipating Change, Imagining The Future, and Resilient Strategic Positioning. These modules help the student address the complexity, volatility and uncertainty in business caused by the rapid pace of change.  Decision makers face an increasing volume of information with an ever shortening shelf life, making it difficult to spot and interpret important signals of emerging change.  The stakes have never been higher, with disruptive change redefining entire sectors –this course helps the student identify ways to be at the forefront of change.

Electives Week  3.0 credits

In June of the first year, students select two elective courses to take during their weeklong residency at Notre Dame. This is a unique opportunity for students of both programs to come together and network with a larger group of professionals. Elective courses change annually and are reflective of the current needs of our students. Recent courses include:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business Problem Solving
  • Strategic Marketing in a Global Economy
  • Leadership Communications
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Working Capital Management
  • Mergers & Acquisitions

Executive Integral Leadership 3.0 credits

In this life-changing course, learn to integrate the cognitive, emotional, interpersonal, physical, moral and spiritual components of an effective leader through assessments, simulation, cases and small group activities that enable participants to view themselves as leaders capable of fresh insights and equipped with practical tools. Unique to Notre Dame, you will complete a 360-degree leadership assessment. A one-on-one executive coaching session will help you understand and leverage your feedback so you can develop an action plan that will maximize the impact of the EMBA program on your development as a leader.

International Systems Thinking  3.0 credits

This weeklong International Immersion provides an opportunity to apply what has been learned in a global setting. This course allows students to learn first-hand about how to effectively do business in different areas of the world.  Students will learn and apply systems thinking analysis to a company in a non-U.S. location. This experience deepens your capacity to simultaneously analyze and consider multiple strategic initiatives. Students learn to frame problems holistically, using judgment to make decisions on multiple (potentially conflicting) perspectives. The opportunity to apply this content helps students develop a rigorous yet resilient approach to solving complex business issues. In addition, you will be exposed to business and government leaders in the countries selected and participate in a unique earning experience to learn how to deal with the challenges of travelling internationally.