Mendoza School of Business

Finance-Chicago Curriculum

The program comprises 35.5 credit hours over 12 months using a curriculum that provides a master’s-level understanding of finance. You will gain competence through a comprehensive finance education with elective options in either Corporate Finance or Investments during both elective weeks on Notre Dame’s campus.

Class of 2021 calendar (PDF)

Orientation on Notre Dame's historic campus in South Bend
Module 1 & 2
Financial Statement Analysis I and II (3 cr. each)6
Financial Statement Forecasting1.5
Corporate Finance4
*First Intensive Session—South Bend (2 courses)2
Module 3
Derivatives 3
Equity Valuation3
Trading and Markets1
Module 4
Fixed Income3
Behavioral Finance3
Second Intensive Session—South Bend (2 courses)
Entrepreneurial Finance (1 Cr.) + 1 Elective Course (1 Cr.)2
Module 5
Mergers and Acquisitions Capstone3

*First Intensive Session—South Bend (2 courses): During this first Intensive Module, you will have the ability to take two elective courses (each elective course is 1.0 credit hour); either from the Corporate Finance concentration or the Investments concentration.

**Courses and credit hours are subject to change.

Class of 2022 Calendar