Mendoza School of Business

Interterm Intensive

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Interterm sessions: Four powerful days

The Notre Dame MBA takes mid-semester to a higher level.

After the first mods during the fall and spring semester, Interterm gives you the opportunity to put into practice your knowledge and experience as it continues to develop across the MBA. Through a variety of formats, you will apply what you have learned in direct and practical ways outside of the traditional classroom. All in four days.

Recommend a market strategy for a Fortune 100 company. Consult with and have an impact on a nonprofit or small enterprise. Immerse in the business of venture capital. Experience commerce in China, South Africa, or South America. Strengthen your business toolkit by learning from industry experts. No matter which one-credit opportunity you choose, you will move beyond expectations of yourself and your abilities. And you will develop a stronger foundation as a business leader for your future.