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Linda Boff, CMO at GE, speaks during Notre Dame's Chief Marketing Officer Summit

Kickstart Your Marketing Career At Notre Dame

From the products and services we use every day to the analytics behind the scenes, MBA graduates from Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business are making an impact in the marketing world. Nearly one-third of the Notre Dame MBA Class of 2020 accepted a job in marketing at companies including IBM, McDonald’s and Johnson & Johnson.

Whether you choose the accelerated One-Year MBA or the traditional Two-Year MBA program, the Notre Dame MBA will help you advance your career in marketing. With access to a broad range of courses, experiential learning and extracurricular opportunities, you will fine-tune your marketing acumen while rounding out your potential to enter today’s complex business world.

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Your Future in Marketing

Mendoza MBAs can choose to specialize in one major from five available options. For students pursuing a future in marketing, majors include marketing or the STEM-designated digital marketing and marketing analytics major.

Designed for students interested in marketing roles focused on using behavioral and analytical insights to better understand consumer needs, product markets and customer journeys. These roles help companies and brands communicate more effectively to target markets while driving sales.

Prepare for: Brand Management, Product Marketing, Category Management, Sales, Marketing Leadership Development Programs

Designed for students interested in the analytics-driven areas of marketing, ranging from data extraction, valuation modeling and distribution decisions to digital marketing strategy and social media management.

Prepare for: Digital Marketing Strategy, Marketing Research, Social Media Management, Marketing Analytics

First-Hand Marketing Experiences

At Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business, your marketing education extends beyond the classroom with experiential learning and extracurricular opportunities including:

Marketing Trek

Each fall, interested students have the opportunity to travel to Chicago to learn from and network with alumni working in a variety of marketing roles in leading companies across industries including consumer packaged goods, media and technology.

Notre Dame students at the Chief Marketing Officer Summit
MBA Marketing Club

The student-run MBA Marketing Club provides members with skill-building, leadership and networking opportunities such as hosting industry panels and guest speakers alongside case studies, career conferences and interview prep sessions.

Professor Tim Bohling teaches in the Applied Digital Marketing class
Applied Digital Marketing

In the Applied Digital Marketing course, student teams work with a real budget to develop live digital marketing campaigns for a sponsor company or organization. With access to research, data dashboards and agency partners, students develop strategies from the ground up while learning how to manage, execute and monitor campaigns, making adjustments based on in-market performance.

New Product Development

New Product Development is a hands-on course in which students work on teams to develop a product proposal solving a real need or gap for external partner companies. Past partnerships have included Ben & Jerry’s, This Little Goat and Canteen.

Marketing Career Opportunities

With the advent of new technologies and new products, the marketing landscape is always changing. At Notre Dame Mendoza College of Business, MBA graduates gain the skills to change with it.

Popular Post-MBA Roles

Responsible for developing a brand’s short and long-term strategy. Manage everything from brand guidelines, vision and value proposition to communications and media planning across channels. Recent MBA graduates will often begin at the associate level.

Responsible for both product planning and product marketing. This includes managing the product through the product lifecycle, gathering and prioritizing product and customer requirements, defining the product vision, and working closely with product engineers to deliver winning products. Recent MBA graduates will often begin at the associate level.

Responsible for developing and executing marketing strategy for a product or service. Tasks include conducting market research, identifying target markets and sales channels, analyzing pricing and promotion, and creating marketing plans to hit specific business objectives. Recent MBA graduates will often begin at the associate level.

Primarily focused on enhancing and growing a company’s digital assets to generate sales opportunities. Responsible for omnichannel marketing across paid, earned and owned media including optimizing across social, email, web and other digital channels. Recent MBA graduates will often begin at the associate level.

Responsible for business-to-business (B2B) selling of products and services to new and existing customers. Manage sales strategies as well as customer relationships in order to understand their needs and wants, and create the best solution for each.

Find Notre Dame alumni working in marketing on our LinkedIn page.

In Their Own Words

Alex Gergely, MBA '21, Associate Marketing Manager - Action Figures, Mattel, Inc. "Nearly every graduate business school boasts about their "unparalleled alumni network," but this claim is an understatement with a Notre Dame MBA. The incredible power of the alumni network provided me the connections and teachings I needed to pivot to my dream marketing role successfully."

Songee Barker, MBA '22, Brand Management Intern, Abbott Nutrition "Notre Dame's emphasis on compassionate leadership helped me to fully realize how the actions of one individual can impact and empower others, and the responsibility I have to ensure that my impact is positive. Through the diverse viewpoints, thought-provoking conversations, and well-rounded education Mendoza provides, I have learned that having a positive impact and meeting business objectives can and should overlap."

Anna Mariani, MBA '21, Digital Marketing Manager, Life Fitness "Earning my MBA at Notre Dame has allowed me to build on my prior agency experience to succeed in a strategic marketing role. Classes such as Data Storytelling, Consumer Behavior, and Brand Strategy helped to develop leadership, strategy, and financial foundation skills in a marketing setting."

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