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Clubs, Associations and Committees

Student clubs, associations and committees play an integral part in the Mendoza graduate student experience.

Explore our student-run opportunities for networking, skill-building and leadership. professional speakers, hold interview prep sessions, organize career networking events, and more.

Core Clubs

The Notre Dame MBA Association (MBAA) is committed to maximizing opportunities for growth by fostering community, professionalism, scholarship, and personal integrity among students, and by serving as a student advocate and liaison to MBA program administrators.

The Notre Dame MBA Business Analytics Club strives to provide students with the analytical mindset necessary to excel in strategic decision-making in their careers. Managers must understand how to balance customer privacy expectations and how to structure data analysis in a way that provides powerful insights and uncovers new solutions. The Business Analytics Club also aims to inspire conversations about the ethics of data collection and how and where to draw boundaries in order to maintain corporate credibility and reputation.

President: Shivangi Agrawal

The Consulting Club is dedicated to developing servant leaders as consultants by building problem-solving skills, strengthening professional networks, and reinvesting in Notre Dame's program, driving future candidate outcomes.

President: Annie Crider

E & VC Club is one of the most active clubs in the program. We provide a platform for members to learn new skills, share ideas and team-up for various competitions. In the past, many of E & VC club members have gone on to start their own successful businesses, which makes us a very strong networked community.

President: Bethun Bowhmik

The MBA Finance & Investments Club aims to give its members an inside view of the corporate and high finance industries through varied guest speakers, promotion of relevant competitions, and valuable discussion among students. The club also acts as a network between current MBA students and professional alumni to inspire mentorship and professional development.

President: Ryan Rengasawmy

The goal of the MBA Management Club is to provide students with an interest in the general management and leadership concentration career guidance. It also serves to explore academic and relevant research trends in the field. The Management Club helps coordinate speakers, networking events, and other activities for students that center around topics such as business leadership and LDP rotational programs, general management, supply chain, and operations.

President: Dan Chapman

The purpose of MBA Marketing Club is to foster leadership development through the coordination of educational and awareness projects. The MBA Marketing Club provides MBA students with opportunities to further their understanding of the marketing discipline by offering valuable educational and networking opportunities, allowing Club members to expand their knowledge of marketing and enhance their understanding of various career paths in the dynamic marketing field.

President: Katelyn Martin

The MBA Supply Chain Management Club is geared to discussing the most relevant and up-to-date information regarding the world's supply chain.

President: Sean Kelly

The MBA Technology Club was founded in 2015. Its mission is to connect MBAs interested in tech-specific careers, or who want to learn related skills. The rapid pace of technological change over the past decade and the forward momentum of the digital age mean offer new ways to collect and interpret data. The Tech Club also offers members a platform to network with alumni in the industry.

President: Monu Agarwal

Affinity Clubs

The Mendoza Women in Business (WiB) Club's mission is to foster a strong and supportive community of prospective and current students and alumnae of University of Notre Dame's Mendoza College of Business. Our goal is to empower women by engaging the community and through building confidence. The Mendoza Women in Business (WiB) Club is a member of MBA Women International and proud supporter of women in the Mendoza College of Business. We also work in conjunction with the Forté Foundation.

President: Claire Prosperi

The Asian MBA Student Association (AMSA) is a club that is open to all MBA students who have a common interest in Asian business and culture. We provide a community where business and career opportunities related to Asia are shared and where members can interact, learn and engage in social and professional activities to enhance cultural and business exchanges between Asia and the U.S. Our second mission is to support the integration of Asian MBA students as they enter corporate America and to facilitate informal interaction through Asian cultural events among the greater Notre Dame student body.

President: Jenny Wang

Black Graduates in Management (BGM) strives to elevate the voices, talent, and experiences of graduate students of African descent in the Mendoza College of Business across all programs. We accomplish this through:

  • Establishing a support system from application to graduation
  • Developing programming to prepare BGM members for professional success in industry
  • Collaborating meaningfully across campus and student clubs
  • Creating spaces for BGM members to socialize, brainstorm, and exchange ideas

President: Temitayo Ade-Oshifogun

The Society of Hispanic MBAs is open to all MBA students with a common interest in Latin American culture. Our first mission is to help students of Latin descent achieve their full professional, social and academic potential. Our second mission is to support the integration of Latin American MBA students through cultural events among the greater Notre Dame student body.

President: Andres Vernaza

The Notre Dame MBA Veteran’s Club is one of the largest and most active clubs of its kind in the country. Our mission is to serve as a professional and personal networking resource for Mendoza MBA Military Veteran students, to achieve consistently outstanding career choices and outcomes for its members, and to exemplify the tenets of servant-leadership within Mendoza and the local community. With a relatively large membership, the Mil Vets Club has the ability to execute cross-disciplinary service projects and serve as a unifying social force on campus.

President: Maureen Bullis

The LGBTQ+ and Allies Club is an identity-based resource group that supports various needs of the community and its allies at Mendoza and throughout Notre Dame.

We seek to foster diversity through inclusion by affirming the worth and dignity of LGBTQ+ identities and making all feel they belong.

President: Nick Yanek

Interest Clubs

The Adam Smith Society is an expansive, chapter-based network of MBA students, professionals, and business leaders who work to promote debate and discussion about the moral, social, and economic benefits of capitalism.

President: Brian Doyle

The Fighting Irish Real Estate (FIRE) Club’s vision is to be the premier recruiting resource for firms seeking the best and brightest MBA students that are interested in real estate professions as well as help students who want to pursue their own real estate investments succeed. Fundamentally, the organization desires to spread knowledge and excitement about the many different practice areas in the real estate industry by providing the opportunity for members to attend guest speaker events, city treks, firm visits, networking events, and interview preparation events.

FIRE regularly hosts guests and speakers from the industry to provide our students with a detailed look at the opportunities in real estate. The club also hosts city treks to meet with firms in Chicago as well as industry panels to better educate out students. Notre Dame’s strong network and sense of community gives our members access to top level industry professionals that cannot be matched!

President: James Clark IV, Maxwell Van Hollebeke

Our goal this year is to provide you with opportunities to learn more about the Healthcare and Biotech industries and help identify exciting areas of interest for future careers.

President: Wenjia Yang

The Notre Dame Graduate Net Impact club is part of a national community of more than 60,000 change makers who use their careers to tackle the world’s toughest problems. Members put their business skills to work for good throughout every sector, showing the world that it’s possible to make a net impact that benefits not just the bottom line, but people and planet too. At Notre Dame, the Net Impact Club believes that business can be a powerful force for good, and its goal is to train business leaders who will use their skills for world benefit. As members of the Notre Dame community, club participants are part of a long tradition of public service, social innovation, and peace building.

President: Michelle Lock

The Sports Business Club aims to educate our members on the business perspective of sports and sporting events while mentoring members through the many pitfalls of searching for a career in sports. We also aim to be a sounding board and resource for all sports lovers, as well as spur further interest through guest speakers, events, and discussion. In short, we are the go-to forum for Mendoza students who are passionate about sports, want to make it a career, or both!

President: Christian Montgomery

The mission of Toast Like a Champion, Today! is to provide a meaningful and supportive forum for graduate business students to improve upon the art of public speaking. We believe that public speaking is a critical skill for professional success in any industry, and it is the club's goal to provide its members with opportunities to practice various aspects of public speaking in a group of their peers.

President: Justin Joven

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