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God, Country, Notre Dame

Since the early days of the University, Notre Dame has had close ties to the armed forces. Students and alumni of the University have served in every US military branch and every major conflict since the Civil War. From iconic moments such as Fr. Corby’s blessing of the Irish Brigade before the Battle of Gettysburg to the training of Naval officers during WWII to the continued support of returning veterans, Notre Dame has embraced this community whose values align with and reflect those of Our Lady’s University.

Why get an MBA?

Leadership. Discipline. Integrity. Critical thinking under pressure. These skills have been crucial to your successful military career. These same traits paired with a quantitative business skill set opens the door to a new world of possibilities as you transition from the military to civilian life or continue on your path to command. Veterans with MBAs are among the most sought-after hires by leading recruiters.

Veteran Benefits

Notre Dame is proud to participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program, which offers significant benefits to qualifying veterans. For veterans who are 100% eligible, the University will contribute $16,000 to be matched by the VA. This total amount can exceed full tuition and can also include other benefits such as books and additional stipends.

The University of Notre Dame also participates in the Post-9/11 GI Bill®.

Learn more about the University support resources through the Office of Military and Veterans Affairs.

What Current Students Say:

 John Chao

U.S. Marine Corp
Gunnery Sergeant
13 years active duty
MBA Class of 2020 Candidate

“I chose to pursue my MBA at Notre Dame not only because of the legendary alumni network but also the collaborative and supportive MBA Mil Vets club. I distinctly remember the warm feeling I felt as a prospective student from an early call with a second year student who left me with a feeling of ‘yeah that’s where I want to be’. I was not only impressed with their career advancement but also their assistance helping me transition out of the military mindset. My final decision was made much simpler after attending Welcome Weekend where I was able to personally observe and experience the MBA Mil Vets club. They were immediately helpful and welcomed me with open arms and I knew I wanted to stay in the family.”


Sarah Hohenberger

U.S. Coast Guard
6 years served
MBA/MSBA Class of 2021 Candidate

“Notre Dame is one of the most military friendly schools in the country and I was really impressed with the people I met even before coming on campus. I also liked the focus on analytics and ND allowed me to get my dual degree MBA and MS in Business Analytics. Notre Dame’s motto is “Ask more of business”, and the MBA program has a strong focus on ethical business practice and giving back/serving the community. I was specifically drawn to this from the Coast Guard’s own humanitarian mission, doing what’s best for our communities and our country through our service. Through my time in the Coast Guard I developed as a leader and strategist. Now I am learning specific business skills in order to bridge the gap and lead in the civilian workforce.”


Andy Daum

U.S. Coast Guard
10.5 years active duty
MBA Class of 2021 Candidate

“The Notre Dame MBA has taken what I have learned over the last 10.5 years of service and building on it with technical skills and rigor to prepare me for further advancement and challenges in the Coast Guard and in the civilian sector. The Notre Dame network is a strong one and will pay dividends for job hunting. Notre Dame provides me the skills necessary to return to the Coast Guard as a more effective and educated leader and manager of budgets, assets, and most importantly, people.”


Dan Noonan

U.S. Navy
6 years served
MBA Class of 2020 Candidate

“An MBA is a great opportunity to leverage prior military experience into a new role in business. What sets the Notre Dame MBA apart is the fact that the values of the University – those rooted in service and based in ethics – align with the values found in the military. The Notre Dame MBA Military Veterans Club is one of the most active clubs in the MBA program, and provides great support for its members in navigating the transition from a career in the military to one in a business setting.”


Dan Weissenhofer

U.S. Air Force
4.5 years served
MBA Class of 2020 Candidate

“The values at Mendoza are very similar to the military in a way that fosters positive change in anything and everything we do on a daily basis. It shows me how the civilian side solves complex problems and manages teams, giving me another tool to provide positive change in the military. Not only does an MBA from Notre Dame help me develop the hard skills to enhance my knowledge in an ever-changing economic environment, but the relationships you build here are true friends that will last a lifetime.”


Ross Higginbotham

U.S. Navy
Petty Officer Second Class
2003 – 2009
MBA Class of 2021 Candidate

“I chose Notre Dame because of its strong dedication to faith and service; before your first day of class you begin to understand that by being here you have become part of a family dedicated to something bigger than yourself.”

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