Anthony Tucker, MSM ’17

Author: Lynn Freehill-Maye



First In His Family To College, Next to Consulting

Anthony Tucker, MSM ’17, shifted from liberal arts to business through a Master of Science in Management

Even while majoring in liberal arts as an undergrad at the University of Notre Dame, Anthony Tucker had the sense that he’d like the broad challenges of consulting. He also had the feeling that he could use more business training.

“As I came toward graduation as a senior and looked at my career options, I wanted to get a little better grasp on what goes on in the business world, the different competencies you need every day,” he says. “The MSM program seemed like a great way to bridge my liberal arts background with business skills.”

So the New Jersey native returned to the University for one more year, enrolling in the Mendoza College of Business’ Master of Science in Management program. Classes in areas like finance, management, and process analytics rounded out the economics and political science studies he had completed for his bachelor’s degree.

Mendoza professors and career coaches gave Tucker the confidence boost he needed, he says. He targeted consulting firms, and with his poli-sci background, he was especially eager to work around government. In September of the one-year program, he was offered a position with Booz Allen Hamilton as a senior consultant based in Washington, D.C.

“I think the greatest thing about the Master of Science in Management program was the confidence it gave me,” Tucker says. “When I went into interviews as a senior, I was a little bit timid. During this one-year program, I gained the confidence that I could go in and answer any question, whether it was a behavioral question or a case interview. Your professors give you the tools to go in and knock it out of the park.”

Tucker was the first in his family to attend college, so the tuition of an extra year was on his mind as he considered the MSM program. To help, the University provided the chance to do one more year of the work-study he’d arranged during his first four years of school: helping to manage the legendary football team.

During the MSM year, Tucker was promoted from student manager to senior manager of team administration and operations for University football--both advancing his leadership skills and maintaining unforgettable relationships.

“As a first-generation college student, being able to come to one of the most prestigious schools in the country is really indescribable,” Tucker says. “Having the opportunity to attend Notre Dame not once but twice means the world to me.”