ND Impact Partners: Five Years In and Growing

Lynn Freehill-Maye

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It started in 2014 with a modest question: How could Mendoza alumni continue to use their business skills and acumen to benefit local nonprofits? 

Five years later, there’s a strong answer in the form of the Notre Dame Impact Partners initiative. The program pairs Mendoza alumni with a nonprofit in their own community for four months of work on a strategic project. Annual closing dinners were recently held for the Mendoza volunteers to present their recommendations to the organizations they collaborated with and to celebrate the teamwork. Most teams are comprised of 6 alumni, who collaborate and also spend time working on individual portions of the project that leverage their specific skill-sets and expertise.…

Keep an eye on the road ahead when estimating cost of equity capital

Keep an eye on the road ahead when estimating cost of equity capital

Melissa Jackson

Estimating investment returns is tricky — especially, to paraphrase an old Danish saying, when dealing with the future.

Still, it comes with the territory when you're a financial manager tasked with evaluating the capital investment opportunities that will drive your firm’s strategies and determining which ones will maximize returns. One of the standard tools of the trade is cost of equity capital estimation (COEC). While this estimate strongly influences corporate capital budgeting decisions, exactly how it’s calculated and what assumptions drive the estimate can vary.  …

USMCA has important predecessor: NAFTA, professor says

USMCA has important predecessor: NAFTA, professor says

Carol Elliott

Notre Dame trade expert Jeff Bergstrand testified before the international trade commission that many of the expected effects of the proposed US-Mexico-Canada Agreement can be estimated using what we’ve already learned about the effects of free trade agreements.

As the Nov. 30 deadline approaches for signing the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), University of Notre Dame finance professor Jeffrey Bergstrand

Carlos Ghosn, CEO, Nissan, Renault and Mitsubishi: Discipline and organization will lead you anywhere



Management & Organization professor Tim Hubbard was interviewed live on CNN about the chairman of Nissan's arrest.

I think the board of directors, they really have a lot more independence, a lot more power to be able to, you know, push the CEO in a way that they need to be able to be pushed. And for example CEO dismissal I think is the ultimate way in order for a board of directors to start to impact those firms that they're overseeing. And as time goes on, I'm hopeful that we'll see more dismissals because I don't think that there are very many other punishments that have quite the same esteem for a chief executive officer as being fired from their company. 

Graduate Alumni Board Revs Up

Tim Ponisciak

Energized and ready to execute—that’s how members of the Mendoza Graduate Alumni Board came away from their biannual meeting in mid-September.

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The board acts as “focus group, sounding board, advisers, critics, and strategists” for the Mendoza College of Business, as member Chris Remington, MNA ’95, puts it. “We hope our recommendations and input contribute to Mendoza's reputation as one of America's best business schools,” he adds. 

Student Startup Spotlight: Eren Sagun and A Box Full of Sunshine

Student Startup Spotlight: Eren Sagun and A Box Full of Sunshine

Whitney Bouey

Eren Sagun is a Notre Dame sophomore studying Finance and Data Science. She started exploring her business, A Box Full of Sunshine, in August 2016. 

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A Box Full of Sunshine is a non-profit business that provides heartfelt care packages to grieving children and families who have experienced the loss of a loved one. Eren is excited about her project because the organization has the potential to help thousands of people throughout the country that deal with the immense pain that comes with losing a loved one. It also gives her the opportunity to brighten the lives of those who are going through a dark time, and she is so grateful to have the chance to help others.…

Testing the waters: How a team of MBA students put their business skills to work in Puerto Rico

Testing the waters: How a team of MBA students put their business skills to work in Puerto Rico

Carol Elliott

The five Notre Dame MBA students faced a task that wasn’t for the fainthearted: Drink a glass of water that 30 seconds before was a disgusting mixture of ditch water, dirt, rocks and even cigarette butts. This wasn’t some team-building version of Truth or Dare, but a real-life demonstration of the water filtration system that the students — all military veterans — shortly would be distributing to rural residents of Puerto Rico who were still struggling with the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.