Where Does the Greater Risk Lie?: Apple vs. the FBI

Joe Holt

There is currently a high-stakes showdown between Apple and the FBI on the proper balancing of privacy and security concerns. At issue is the question whether Apple should have to create a tool that will help the FBI to break the passcode of a known and deceased terrorist’s iPhone and extract data from the device (which may or may not contain evidence of collaboration in an earlier attack or planning for future attacks). I’d like to lay out the basic facts and the main argument on each side, and to invite you to reflect on where you stand.…

ND marketing student wins NYT journalism contest

Sue Lister

Junior Cassidy McDonald of Madison, Wisconsin, is this year’s winner of NYT Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Nicholas Kristof’s annual “Win A Trip with Nick” contest. She will spend the summer traveling with Kristof to a developing country to raise awareness of neglected global issues.