Commencement 2017

Author: Mendoza College


Degrees of Success 

Taking time away from their final exams, commencement celebrations and cap and gown fittings, Notre Dame Mendoza College of Business graduates reflect on the paths that brought them to Notre Dame and on the biggest lessons they learned while here. At the same time, they look ahead to their futures and anticipate where their Notre Dame degrees will take them. See what success looks like by reading their personal stories.

Tiffany Lee Story

An Accountant Adds Up the Benefits of a One-Year MBA

Tiffany Lee, MBA ’17, makes an efficient pivot to banking. Read more...

Benjamin Hota Story

A Lesson in Getting What You Want

Former Marine Benjamin Hota, MBA '17, lands the perfect job in the perfect location. Read more...

Sudeep Sanan Story

What it Means to Carry the 'Notre Dame' Name

Sudeep Sanan, MBA '17, lands a job with his dream compnay--and carries forward a commitment of excellence. Read more...

Andrew Cornick Story

A Leader’s Dream Achieved

Andrew Cornick, MBA ’17, changed industries, led his peers, and made a lifelong goal come true. Read more...

Abby Story

The Definition of 'True Calling'

Three reasons why MBA graduate Abigail Oduro couldn't say no to the Dome.  Read more...

Anthony Tucker Story

First In His Family To College, Next to Consulting

Anthony Tucker, MSM '17, shifted from liberal arts to business through a Master of Science in Management. Read more...

Brad Wise Story

Commitment Meets Opportunity

Brad Wise, MBA ’17, plans to ‘pay forward’ the help he received from ND alumni. Read more...

Anh Duong Story

New Auditor Accelerates Her Career in One Year

Anh Duong, MSA '17, receives offers from each of the Big Four accounting firms. Read more...