Exciting New Resource for Aspiring ND Student and Alumni Entrepreneurs as Gigot Launches New Entrepreneurs-in-Residence Program!

Author: Mendoza College

New this year, more than 30 members of the Irish Entrepreneurs Network are making themselves available to serve as resources for aspiring entrepreneurs from within the Notre Dame community.  Launching soon, information will be posted on the Gigot Center website, allowing would-be entrepreneurs to contact our EIRs directly to solicit advice and answers to their questions.

The purpose of the Entrepreneurs-in-Residence (EIR) program is to broaden our outreach by providing early stage feedback, mentoring and networking assistance for aspiring Notre Dame student, faculty and alumni entrepreneurs.  Our Entrepreneurs-in-Residence bring marketplace reality to the strong academic theory discussed in the classroom:  their extensive entrepreneurial experience and insights provide valuable market-based feedback for those who seek feedback and mentoring relating to new ventures.  Our EIRs mentor and advise startups primarily in the very earliest stages of development.  

Entrepreneurs-in-Residence are available both virtually and traditionally. Virtual EIRs are available to meet virtually (via email or telephone) OR may meet in person, for those who live in proximity.  Traditional EIRs are available to meet with students and alumni in person on campus at Notre Dame. This may appeal to those who are available to meet on campus (by appointment only) in the Gigot Center.

Networking is critically important in this process:  when possible, our EIRs will help find networking connections to others within the ND community who are qualified to help tackle issues surrounding the commercialization of ventures, in specific areas such as intellectual property, legal issues, funding, etc. 

Successful entrepreneurs, these individuals have demonstrated the ability to identify early stage opportunities and translate them into vital businesses.  Our EIRs share a passion for entrepreneurship and a desire to help aspiring entrepreneurs within the Notre Dame community.  Each has enjoyed significant entrepreneurial success and has a strong desire to “give back” to the Notre Dame community by working with students and alumni.

As experienced executives and entrepreneurs, they have demonstrated a thorough understanding of business models, financing, product development and other related areas.

Each of our EIRs have identified specific areas of expertise, those areas in which they are most qualified (technology, healthcare, medical devices, software, etc.).  Consistent with Notre Dame’s Catholic social mission, the Gigot Center has a unique passion for social ventures.  Specific EIRs share this passion and are available to help guide those interested in social ventures. 

Those interested in serving as Entrepreneur-in-Residence should contact Karen Slaggert by email at kslagger@nd.edu.