Get Involved! Be a board member

Author: Carol Elliott

As a graduate business alum of the Mendoza College, you are part of a community with a vast and varied collective resume of personal and professional experience.

Here’s a way that you can use your experience to help guide the future direction of graduate alumni programs at the Mendoza College: Become a member of the Graduate Alumni Board. 

The Graduate Alumni Board serves in an advisory role to the graduate programs of the Mendoza College of Business. Board members provide advice regarding the direction of the graduate programs and insight into current business trends that are occurring in the marketplace and how those trends may affect professional education.

“Being a board member affords us a forum where we can candidly express our views on a variety of topics and issues related to the College, students and alumni,” says current member Jim Bolt (ND MBA ’99).  “It also presents the opportunity for us to take leadership roles within our local alumni clubs, where we can further build the Mendoza Alumni Community at the local level.”

Bolt adds that the board advises in the areas of recruiting, networking, curriculum development, functional expertise and alumni relations, among other topics.

Additional details about membership include:

·       The board meets twice a year with the directors of each of the graduate business programs and with the dean. The meetings typically are held on the Friday before the Blue-Gold game and one Friday of a September or October home game weekend.

·       The board will also have two conference calls each year to receive updates on programs. Additionally, members act as advocates for Mendoza, participating in volunteer activities through the Admissions, Career Development and Student Services departments. They also assist with Mendoza receptions taking place close to their home or place of business.

·       To qualify, you must hold either an MBA, EMBA, MSA or MNA degree from Notre Dame. Board members serve a three-year term, which begins on January 1.

“One of my best takeaways has been the opportunity to meet and work with such a great group of staff and alumni,” says Bolt.  “The fact that we are united in our efforts to assist the program sets a stage for very positive interactions.  As advisors, we are engaged in a two-way exchange.  We provide feedback, suggestions and local leadership, but we receive strategic briefings and readouts from all departments within the business school.  It is an honor, and a privilege, to serve on the board.”

Those interested in being considered for board membership can submit their application by visiting Graduate Business Alumni myNotreDame website. The deadline is Dec. 18. Applicants will be accepted based on interest, skills and experience, and will be notified by early January regarding the status of their application.

For additional information, contact Tim Ponisciak at