How an Irish Restaurateur Benefited from a Notre Dame EMBA

Author: Lynn Freehill-Maye

Find Real-World Solutions and Your Network for Life

Growing up in an Irish village, Colm Kennedy saw how his grandparents’ store took care of their neighbors. Seeking to create a similar community atmosphere, Kennedy and two childhood friends established The Kerryman, a successful Chicago pub and restaurant.

Beyond the walls of his business, Kennedy found that familiar community feeling as a University of Notre Dame Mendoza College of Business Executive MBA student. With professors and peers that challenge and support, Kennedy benefited from real-world insights that helped him evaluate a potential business opportunity.

“I was workshopping with some of the 65 smartest people anywhere on a biweekly basis. I’m not sure how many millions I would’ve had to pay to get that kind of expertise to help me on some of my business challenges,” Kennedy said.

The network our EMBA students enjoy isn’t limited to their graduating cohort. Instead, Notre Dame’s 134,000 living graduates form a legendary alumni network dedicated to helping each other succeed professionally and personally.

And Notre Dame knows how important it is to create return on your EMBA investment. That’s why we’ve established scholarship and fellowship opportunities to ensure you’ll be surrounded by the strongest peers. This includes the John Cardinal O’Hara Fellowship—a need-based fellowship largely funded by Mendoza alumni.

Apply early to maximize your scholarship and fellowship opportunities, and join a program and peer group focused on helping you flourish in the classroom and business world. 

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