Introducing the Mendoza - Ask More Ideas Challenge to ND Clubs

Author: Tim Ponisciak


Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business constantly challenges its students to “Ask More of Business, Ask More of Yourself.” Once our students become alumni, the Office of Graduate Alumni Relations believes in continuing to provide opportunities for alumni to be a force for good, through their relationship with their alma mater. In 2014, Mendoza launched ND Impact Partners as a way for alumni in selected cities to partner with local nonprofits and help them tackle a strategic challenge. In 2017, Graduate Alumni Relations is launching its first Mendoza - Ask More Ideas Challenge, to provide opportunities for our alumni and friends of the College, regardless of where they live, to serve their communities and to serve a nonprofit by submitting their own ideas related to an impact initiative that affects society.

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Each year, the Ask More Ideas Challenge will provide a different opportunity for Mendoza alumni to utilize their collective brainpower to take on a unique challenge in the world today.  Alumni can submit an idea on their own, or they can organize an event through their local ND alumni club and submit an idea as a group! The focus of the challenge will be announced at the end of April.

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ND Club Participation

Club leaders, are you looking to host a new kind of event focused on service to society? Try hosting a gathering focused on the Mendoza Ask More Ideas Challenge!

The Ask More Ideas Challenge is an online idea collection initiative sponsored by the Mendoza College of Business. From May 15 to June 15, we encourage Notre Dame alumni, parents and friends to submit their ideas for our 2017 challenge. Individuals can submit ideas, but we also encourage local ND clubs to submit ideas as a group! The best part is, if your club hosts an event and submits ideas through the online portal, this will count as a community service event for your annual report to the Notre Dame Alumni Association.


The focus of this year's challenge is:  How can we work to reduce our own carbon footprint in the workplace and help our companies reduce their carbon footprint? Please share your ideas on technologies, processes, policies and products that can create a more eco-friendly office! Your idea can be something your company already does or a bold, new idea. All ideas – big or small – are welcome! The Challenge will be publicly announced on May 1, but club leaders looking for more information can view the Leadership Conference slides discussing the program. To receive more information about how to host a club event, sign up for our listserv, and indicate that you are a club leader.


How can ND clubs participate?

  • Review the slides available discussing the Challenge. For any questions, please email
  • Schedule a gathering for your club to take place between May 15 and June 15. It can be a small dinner, a reception or a meeting at someone’s home.
  • Advertise the event to your club members, along with a description of the challenge.
  • Assign at least one attendee to be the record keeper for the event. This person will write down the ideas suggested throughout the evening.
  • Use the questions listed under the Inspiration tab on the Ideas Challenge website to guide your conversation throughout the evening. The official Ideas Challenge page will go live on May 15.
  • Determine who will input the top ideas suggested over the course of the evening into the Ideas Challenge website. We suggest submitting three to five ideas.
  • Post about your event on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #MendozaIdeasChallenge!
  • Top ideas will be recognized by the College at its annual Alumni Awards Luncheon


Who are we helping?

A lot of people! Mendoza will partner with a national nonprofit whose mission aligns with the challenge topic each year, and will share the results with the organization, so that it can put some of the top ideas into practice! This year's partner is the Catholic Climate Covenant.

I want more information!

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