It Doesn’t Pay to Be Nice. This is How Much It Costs

Author: Kimberly Weisul

Countless sayings, such as “Nice guys finish last,” remind us that being too “nice” is not the way to get ahead. But is being too ”nice” really all that detrimental?

The simple answer, unfortunately, is “yes,” especially if you’re a guy. Timothy Judge, of the University of Notre Dame, Beth Livingston, of Cornell University, and Charlice Hurst, of the University of Western Ontario, analyzed data from four big surveys to see if there was a link between ‘agreeableness’ and income. The studies, such as the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth, query thousands of people, often across decades, about their education, work history and family status. But they often also include questions commonly used by psychologists to assess personality traits such as neuroticism, agreeableness, and extraversion.

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