Leaving a Legacy: The John Cardinal O'Hara Society

Author: Kim Claeys

It is clear that most of the themes integral to the College of Business Administration today can be traced to [John Cardinal] O’Hara, the school’s first dean.  It was O’Hara who sought to inculcate in students not only a mastery of business principles, but also ethical and moral qualities.  The young priest’s hopes were often tempered by the financial limitations imposed by the school’s tight budget and frugal administrators.  But as his early enthusiasms were rebuffed by empty-handed superiors, he quickly recognized the importance of gathering outside resources to support his vision.  The need for the College to pursue its own resources of revenue when University administrators could not underwrite its expanding programs is another theme traceable to O’Hara’s legacy.   (O’Hara’s Heirs) 

 The profound influence of Cardinal O’Hara’s ethics, ideals, and innovation is still felt today in the Mendoza College of Business.  The MBA giving society that bears his name is a testament to his visionary spirit and principled leadership.  The John Cardinal O’Hara Society recognizes alumni and friends of the Mendoza College of Business who make significant annual contributions to support the ongoing success of the MBA and Executive MBA programs. 

For more information about the O'Hara Society, contact Jennielea Vidrich at 574.631.5198 or visit supporting.nd.edu/recognition-societies/ohara.