London Riots 2011: Protesters Use BlackBerry Messenger; Hackers Back Them

Author: Ned Potter

The following is an excerpt from ABC News that quotesJohn D’Arcy, assistant professor of information technology management, about hackers backing the London protesters. To read the article visit:  London Riots 2011: Protesters Use BlackBerry Messenger; Hackers Back Them.

The riots raging across north London have been fueled, in part, by the use of BlackBerry Messenger. When BlackBerry's parent company promised to cooperate with British police, its Inside BlackBerry blog was promptly hacked by protesters.

Credit for the hacking was claimed by a group that calls itself TeaMp0isoN. It has been linked to other shadowy groups, such as Lulz Security and Anonymous, which have taken credit for breaking into the websites of police departments, the U.S. Senate, the CIA, Sony's PlayStation network and Citibank.

John D’Arcy states that: "Given the ease and anonymity with which these attacks can be conducted and the jurisdiction issues, it is likely that the bad guys will remain in the driver's seat for the foreseeable future.