Mark Wahlberg's Liquid Investment

Author: Anna Prior

Actor and producer Mark Wahlberg is no stranger to the world of fitness as attested by everything from those shirtless Calvin Klein ads to his recent role as a boxer in The Fighter. He's now exploring another way to make fitness pay; last year he became an investor and board member of AquaHydrate, an "enhanced" bottled water targeted at workout warriors. AquaHydrate says it isn't yet profitable, but Wahlberg may be catching this wave as it crests; AquaHydrate says 2010 sales were up 64 percent from the previous year, and it recently got an infusion of $10 million from venture capitalist Ron Burkle.

Notre Dame professor James H. Davis says investors with active roles like Wahlberg's often do well, since they can keep close tabs on their firms. To read the entire article visit:

To read the entire article visit: Mark Wahlberg's Liquid Investment