Mendoza Alums Recommend their Favorite Books

Author: Angela Sienko

In the last issue of the Graduate Alumni newsletter, we asked our readers to look back on their time at Mendoza, and tell us what book they would recommend to every Mendoza student. Here's a sampling of the responses we received: 


The Tao Jones Average by Bennett Goodspeed
“This book is over 40 years old but was a great resource when I got into the investment business. The first portfolio manager I worked for recommended I read it before I started at Morgan Stanley.”
-Jason Norris MBA ’98

High Output Management by Andy Grove
“Here in the past year, due to some transitioning in my current company, I got promoted to Corporate Controller and charged with the task of overseeing our Corporate Accounting department. High Output Management helped provide a framework on how to build a team and manage for both exempt and non-exempt employees.”
-Nate Wiegand MSA ’07

Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman
 “Mr. Kahneman’s book sheds light on the human decision making body of knowledge. He describes various tendencies that, when understood and applied to business process design, can produce improved and more consistent decision outcomes.”
-Mitch Reinoehl MBA ’12

Flow-The Psychology of Optimal Experience by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
“It teaches how, by ordering the information in business and life that enters our consciousness, we can discover true happiness and greatly improve the quality of our lives. Maximizing your experience of learning and growing during your college days by exploring a state of mind called flow.”
-Kevin Patel EMBA ’09


How Will You Measure Your Life? By Clayton Christensen
“Christensen does a great job of providing real world ways to motivate the reader and provide ways to reflect on life's purpose and ways to improve your abilities as a manager.”
-Benjamin Saydah EMBA ’04

Where are the Customers’ Yachts? By Fred Schwed
“Warren Buffett wrote in his 2015 Letter to Shareholders, ‘If you haven't read Schwed's book, buy a copy at our annual meeting. Its wisdom and humor are truly priceless’.”
-John Kozora MBA ’07

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
“As Atticus told Scout, ‘You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view.’ Understanding the “why” of what people think, say and do is fundamental to being an effective leader. Only then, will you be able to develop a meaningful strategy forward that others will support. And, it's just as important in your personal life as it is for your business career.”
-Troy Edelen MBA ’95

Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping by Paco Underhill
“Taking the ‘ivory tower of marketing’ to task, Paco Underhill emphasizes the critical importance of retail (and e-tail) execution, and all that goes into the environment from a true consumer psychology standpoint. A must read for aspiring and seasoned marketers, alike.”
-Jim Bolt MBA ’99


The winner of our book raffle is Jose Maria Guillen Sada MBA ’11. He submitted the book, The Servant by James Hunter. “There are many good books on how to lead, this one goes deeper and ask the question: why should anyone lead? The answer is in the title: to serve others. Most of what is taught in Mendoza is how to do what we believe is the right thing. There are some conversations about what is the right thing to do, but few on why something is the right thing to do, and we should foster even further such conversations as a way to provide meaning to the great take aways that are taught now.”

For winning the raffle, Jose will be sent:

Blind Spots by Max Bazerman and Mendoza faculty member Ann Tenbrunsel

Marketing and the Common Good edited by Mendoza faculty members Patrick Murphy and John Sherry

Moving the Needle by Joe Sweeney MBA ’84