MSBA Student Bryan Duffy and the Rigor of the MSBA Curriculum

Author: Angela Sienko

"The curriculum is indeed rigorous, but it’s different than just being difficult or demanding. Simply put, the courses are fun and interesting which makes the learning process more rewarding than anything else. 

Duffy Bryan

While working through in-class examples, assignments, or projects throughout the program, they all bring such a great sense of gratification. Even when you’re not physically in the classroom, your mind is still buzzing and sparked with intellectual curiosity to learn more. 

Each module is also composed of different types of courses so you’re learning about different analytical topics and acquiring different skills all at once. I would continuously switch working on homework for one course to another because they complement each other so well. 

Many times, I could leverage a technique or process learned in other courses to improve the overall quality of my work. Therefore, you’re becoming a well-rounded analytics professional in multiple areas across how you structure analytical business solutions, how you mine and unlock value from data, and how you visualize data to tell a compelling story."