NBA lockout not about much

Author: Tom Ripers

In trying to secure an agreement, David Stern is turning up the heat.  The latest public salvos from the NBA Commissioner say forget November – the league won’t even be playing by Christmas if a deal isn’t stuck soon.

The haggling continues in the NBA lockout over what seems to be a fairly minor, reconcilable issue – percentage of basketball related revenue. The players have come down from 57% they were making under the old agreement to 53%; the owners have moved from 47% up to 50%. Seems like a small gap left to make up. That’s what’s so strange about this labor fight – while there are details to be ironed out over contract lengths and player movement, it’s mainly about going for those last few dollars. History is different. Most every major sports work stoppage over the past 30 years has been driven by a single, major issue aimed at drastically altering the business landscape between league and players’ union.

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