ND Impact Partners helps nonprofits make big changes

Author: Notre Dame MBA


Anyone who’s gone through the Notre Dame MBA knows this: You feel a rush like no other when you band together with classmates and push and pull ideas to move a project further or elevate it higher than you ever expected.

And — true to the Mendoza College mission of asking more of business — this feeling is infinitely heightened when the project enhances someone’s life or improves a social cause.

Lori Camblin (MBA ’92) was seeking additional experiences like this, the exhilaration through collaboration for a good cause. So when she heard about Notre Dame Impact Partners — an opportunity to work with a small team of alums on a strategic project for a nonprofit — she dove right in, just like in her MBA days.

The program operates in two cities, Chicago and Washington, D.C., and Camblin joined a team that worked with Catholic Charities in Chicago. Along with the other Mendoza alumni on her team, she dedicated hours of her personal time and utilized her business acumen to help Catholic Charities look beyond its day-to-day activities to strategize on big picture challenges. Specifically, the team spent six months helping Catholic Charities examine its Celebration of Giving, its largest giving program.

“We evaluated everything from soup to nuts,” Camblin said. “The interaction across our team was tremendous. We had a great dynamic.

“The reason I applied to ND Impact Partners was because I wanted to remind myself that it's very easy to get caught up in my fast-paced world of corporate America, and not pause enough to appreciate that so many people need our help," she continued. "I've been very blessed and as I have gotten older, it's become very important for me to pay those blessings forward by helping others."

Watch Lori Camblin talk about her ND Impact Partners experience here: